An Essay on My School: Short and Long

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Essay writing is considered as one of the most productive activities of learning. It helps in developing the mental ability and thinking capacity of a student and contributes towards his personality development also. Taking this in mind We, Team GuideToExam are trying to give an idea of how to write “An Essay on My School”

Short Essay on My School

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The name of my School is (Write the name of your School). My school is located just near to my home. It is one of the oldest and most successful schools in our city.

So, I feel very lucky to get an education in one of the best schools in our area. I read in class (Name the class you read) and the Teachers of my class are very lovely and kind and they teach us everything with great care.

There is a beautiful playground in front of my school where I can play various outdoor games with my friends. We play Cricket, Hockey, Football, Badminton, etc during our sports hours.

Our School has a large Library and the latest Science Lab with a Computer Lab which helps us in studies very much. I love my school very much and this is my favourite School

Long Essay on My School

A school is the student’s second home because children spend half of their time there. A school builds the child’s better tomorrow to live better. An essay on my school wouldn’t be enough to describe how much the school has contributed to building a better future for a student.

It is the first and the best learning place and the first spark where a child receives education. Well, education is the best gift, which a student receives from a school. Education plays a vital role in our lives that separate us from each other.

And enrolling in school is the first step to grab knowledge and education. It gives a student the platform to build a better personality and to get a better life. Well, apart from providing a platform to gain education and enhancing knowledge, schools are the tool of character building of a nation.

A school serves a country by producing many great people every year. It is a place where the future of the nation is shaped. Well, a school is not only a medium to receive education and knowledge, but it is also a platform where a student can participate in extracurricular activities to enhance their other talent.

It motivates the learners and helps in building their personality. It teaches a student to be punctual and united. It also teaches about how to maintain discipline in regular life.

A student when enters the school doesn’t come with the bag full of books and notebooks, he/she comes along with the ambitions dreams and many more things.

And when they leave that beautiful place, they go with collecting education, knowledge, moral values, and a lot of memories. This second home of students teaches many different things to a child along with, creating many different memories.

Well, in this essay on my school, the team of Guide To Exam will apprise you on how important role the school plays in our life. This second home of every student teaches many different things to them.

The staff members deal with every type of child and teach him/her how to talk, how to behave and develop the overall personality. If a student is interested in playing football or having singing and dancing skills, a school gives them the platform to enhance their talent and supports them until they reach their goal.

Essay on Coronavirus

Many students don’t like this place, but let us apprise you guys, life would not be completed without school. The faculty members play a vital role in every student’s life.

They teach us not only what they get inside the books, but they also educate us with our moral values and social life.

Final Verdicts on essay on My school

Well, every student’s typical day starts with the time he/she needs to wake up early in the morning. And ends up with a day full of fun and beautiful moments. The first step to achieve success in life is enrolling in the school. So, in this world full of hustle and bustle life, a school is the most beautiful place for a child where he/she meets up with their true friends and receives the best education.

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