Article on say no to polybags


Say no to polybags:- Polythene is a gift of science that has got immense popularity in present time. But now the excessive use of polybags has become a matter of concern for us. Simultaneously article on say no to polybags has become a common or repeated question in different board and competitive examinations. Thus Team GuideToExam brings to you a few articles on Say no to polybags. You can prepare essay or speech on say no to polybags easily from these articles…

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Article on say no to polybags

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Article on Say no to polybags (very short)

Polythene is a gift of science that serves us in our day to day life.BUT now a day excessive use of polythene or polybags has become a real threat to our environment. Due to it’s non-porous and non-biodegradable nature polybags harm us a lot in many ways. Polybags also contain toxic chemicals. Thus, they choke the soil and suffocate the roots of plants. During the rainy season, it may block the drains and that cause artificial flood. Thus the time has arrived to Say no to Polybags.

100 words Article on Say no to polybags

The excessive use of polybags has become a threat to this world in the 21st century. Today people go to the market empty-handed and bring a lot of polybags with their shopping. Polybags have become a part of our shopping. BUT we are going to suffer a lot in the near future due to excessive use of polybags.

Polybags are non-biodegradable in nature. They are not natural products and cannot be destroyed as well. Soils lost its fertility when we throw polybags in a cultivated area. Now using polybags has become a habit for us. So it is not very easy to say no to polybags in a day or two. But gradually human should avoid using polybags to save the environment.

150 words Article on Say no to polybags

Polybags have been causing terrorism in our environment. It has become popular due to its easy availability, cheapness, waterproof and non-teasing nature. But polythene cannot be decomposed and so it has become a gradual threat to the environment and human civilization as well. Polythene or polybags have harmed us a lot so far. Waterlogging during the rains have become a common issue now a day, aquatic lives are in endanger due to the side effects of polythene. It has harmed us in many other ways. So the time has arrived to say no to polybags. Banning polybags cannot be a bigger issue than the effects caused by the use of polybags. Human beings are called the most advanced animal in this world. Thus the lives of such advanced animals cannot be dependent on such a small thing.

Article on say no to polybags

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200 words Article on Say no to polybags

In present time the uses of plastic or polybags have become very common. It is made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is made out of petroleum. During the manufacturing process of polybags numerous toxic chemicals are released; which are very harmful to our environment. On the other hand, most of the polybags are non-biodegradable and they don’t decompose into the soil. Again thrown plastic or polybags in the dustbin affect the wildlife. Animals may eat them with food and it can cause death sometimes. Polythene adds fuel to artificial flood. It blocks the drains and causes artificial flood during the rainy days. In present time too much use of polybags has become a matter of worry. It causes harm to our environment. People have become habitual of using polybags and as a result of its excessive use, the environment is polluting. Production of polybags emits many harmful gases that not only causes serious problems to the workers but also pollute the environment as well. Thus its very necessary to say no to polybags without wasting a minute.

Long Essay on Say no to polybags

Polybags are considered to be a wonderful invention of science. They are light, cheap, waterproof and of non-teasing nature and by virtue of these qualities they have very conveniently replaced the cloth, jute and paper bags in our day to day life. However, all of us seem to ignore the hazardous aspects of using Polybags. Polybags have become such a significant part of our life that we hardly ever think of saying no to Polybags despite all the hazards of using them.

The use of Polybags has been causing immense harm to the environment. Millions and millions of Polybags are being used for time periods ranging from a few minutes to a few hours and once their utility is over, they are thrown away to clog drains and choke the soil. Hot edible items put in or stored in Polybags results in contamination of the food items and consumption of such food items can adversely affect human health. Many a time, littering of Polybags here and there causes animals to eat those and get choked to death. Clogging of drains due to Polybags can cause overflowing of rainwater thereby giving rise to an unclean and unhygienic situation. Being non-porous and also non-biodegradable Polybags obstruct the free flow of water and air. Polybags also contain toxic chemicals. Thus, they choke the soil and suffocate the roots of plants. Of Polybags are thrown on the ground, the toxic chemicals additives leach the soil thereby rendering the soil infertile, where plants stop growing. Polybags also cause the problem of waterlogging and such waterlogging has been known to trigger landslides in hilly areas. Being non-biodegradable, Polybags take a huge number of years to get decomposed.

So, what is the solution? The most convenient and alternative opinion would be to use a cloth or jute bag while we move out of our homes. Bags made of cloth or jute are eco-friendly and easy to carry. There should impose a ban on the use of Polybags. It is important that we save our world from the menace of Polybags. Otherwise, the day is not far when we will have a planet without any plants and animals, and of course, human beings.

Final Words:- It is really a challenging task to prepare an article or essay on say no to polybags in just 50 or 100 words. But we have tried to cover as many points as possible in all the articles.

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