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Essay on Artificial Intelligence – In this era of Science and Technology Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence is influencing nearly every aspect of our lives nowadays to help improve efficiencies and increase our human capabilities.

Taking this in mind, we Team GuideToExam decided to write an in-depth Essay on Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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The branch of computer science where machines process the simulation of human intelligence and think like humans are known as artificial intelligence. 

The process of simulating human intelligence includes the rules to reach definite conclusions, self-correction, and the acquisition of rules for using the information. Artificial Intelligence includes some particular applications like machine vision, expert systems, and speech recognition.

Category of AI

AI can be categorized into two different parts:

Weak artificial intelligence: It is also known as narrow AI, which embodies a system designed or trained for carrying out a particular job.

The form of weak AI includes Virtual personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. And it also supports some video games like chess. These assistants will answer the questions you will ask.

Strong Artificial Intelligence: Strong AI, is also known as artificial general Intelligence. This type of intelligence carries the task of human capabilities.

It is more complex and complicated than weak AI, which helps them to solve a problem without human intervention. This type of intelligence is used in hospital operating rooms and self-driving cars.

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Well, now there is no limit to the use of AI. There are many different sectors and many different industries which use AI. The healthcare industries use AI for dosing drugs, surgical procedures, and treatments of the patients.

Another example that we have already shared above is the AI machine like computers playing games like chess and self-driving cars.

Well, AI is also used in financial industries to detect some activities, which help the department of bank frauds like unusual debit card usage and large account deposits.

Not only this, Artificial Intelligence makes trading easier, and it is also used for helping the streamline. With AI, it becomes easy to calculate demand, supply, and pricing.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machines: Deep Blue is the best example of Reactive Machines. DB can make predictions and can easily identify the pieces on the chessboard.

But it cannot use past experiences for future predictions because it has no memory. It can scrutinize the moves that it and its opponent can take and make a tactical move.

Limited Memory: Unlike reactive machines, they can make future predictions based on past experience. The self-driving car is an example of this type of AI.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence benefits the researchers not only in economics and law, but in technical topics also like validity, security, verification, and control.

Some examples of technologies like superintelligence help in decimating disease and poverty, which makes AI the greatest and the biggest invention in human history.

Some important benefits of AI are as follows:

Digital Assistance – Organisations with highly advanced technologies started using machines on behalf of humans to interact with their customers as a support team or sales team.

Medical Applications of AI – One of the greatest benefits of AI is that it can be used in the field of Medical. An application of Artificial Intelligence called “Radiosurgery” is currently used by large medical organizations which are used in operations of “Tumors”

Reduction of Errors – One more great benefit of Artificial Intelligence is that it can reduce errors and increase the probability of reaching higher accuracy.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this is all about AI. Well, it has been a great invention in history, which has made our life much more interesting and easy. People are using it in every field like economics, technologies, law, etc.

It requires human intelligence, which is powered by machine learning and deep learning. The branch of computer science aims in answering affirmative Turing’s question. Thank You.

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