Essay on Buwan NG Wika in English

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There are several islands in the Philippines that speak the Filipino language. In schools, this medium of communication is also necessary to confirm that students have a solid understanding of several national languages that extend to the countryside or province as well. Our situation involves someone.

Dialects give citizens the opportunity to understand different cultures and beliefs that cannot shake or rest on the more stable one that is their foundation.

The rise of modern times demands that we learn one another’s language so that our economy can grow more rapidly and righteous paths can be walked.

Essay on Buwan NG Wika in English

Communication involves language. To express what the mind wants to say, it uses symbols, sounds, and related laws. A variety of tones, pronunciations, and languages are used. Everyone speaks a language at home, at work, and on the street. There are often misunderstandings due to the difference in the languages used.

Thus, it will lead to misunderstandings until a barrier is created. We developed a national language as a result of our father of language. In addition to being the national language, Filipino is also an official language.

 Among ethnic groups within Greater Manila and the National Capital Region, the Filipino language is the language of communication and the language of the native population.

There is a single Filipino national language that all Filipinos recognize and use to communicate with one another. It is easier for everyone to understand one another as there is effective communication. A more transparent trade process.

 In order for life to develop and develop, understanding is necessary. Our people can progress by working together and developing the Filipino language.

Importance of Language:

In the absence of language, most of humanity’s work would be meaningless, because it serves as a means of communication as well as trade, diplomatic methods, and knowledge exchange in science, technology, and industry. [1] Even when traveling, earning a living, and living overseas, language is essential for communication.

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In order to communicate with each other, people use language to express their opinions and feelings. Communication involves language. A language is made up of symbols, sounds, and related laws that express the thoughts of the mind.

Through speech and writing, this method conveys thoughts and feelings. In addition, it is a sum of symbols in the way it is spoken, as well as an inherently humanistic means of conveying thoughts, feelings, and desires. Communication, understanding, and unity are achieved as a result of this.

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