Essay on Child Labour

Essay on Child Labour

The Phrase Child Labour is used to define the kind of works that deprives children of their childhood. Child Labour is also treated as a crime where children are forced to work from a very early age. It can affect the physical and mental development of the child and therefore it is treated as an extensive economic and social issue. Taking all these in mind, we Team GuideToExam have prepared some Essays titled as 100 Words Essay on Child Labour, 200 Words Essay on Child Labour and Long Essay on Child Labour for different standards of students.

100 Words Essay on Child Labour

Child Labour is fundamentally a reflection of weak economic and social institutions along with poverty. It is emerging as a serious matter in most of the developing and underdeveloped nations. In India, as per census 2011, 3.95 of total child population (Between age group 5-14) are working as a Child Labour. There are some major causes of Child Labour are poverty, unemployment, limitation of free education, violation of existing laws of Child Labour etc.

As Child Labour is a global problem and therefore it requires a global solution as well. We can either stop or reduce Child Labour together by no longer accepting it in all means.

200 Words Essay on Child Labour

Child Labour refers to the use of children of various age groups through any form of work that deprives their childhood which is both physically and mentally harmful for them. There are many factors due to which Child Labourers are increasing day by days such as poverty, lack of work opportunities for both adults and adolescents, migration and emergencies etc. Out of them, some of the reasons are common for some countries and some reasons are different for different areas and regions.

We need to work out some effective solutions to Reduce Child Labour and save our children. To make it happen, the Government and People must come together. We must provide employment opportunities to the poor peoples so that they needn’t require to put their kids to work.

Many individuals, businesses, organisations and governments around the world have been working to reduce the percentage of Child Labour. The United Nations’ International Labour Organisation is working to reduce the no of Child Labour across the Globe, and between the years 2000 and 2012, they get considerable progress as the total number of Child Labourers globally reduced by almost one-third during this period.

Long Essay on Child Labour

Child Labour is one of the most important economic and social issues for various reasons. It can highly affect the physical, mental and cognitive development of a child.

Causes of Child Labour

There are various causes of increasing of Child Labour over the globe. some of them are

  1. Increasing poverty and unemployment: – Most of the poor families rely on Child Labour in order to improve their chances of basic needs. According to the 2005 United Nations statistics, more than 25% of the world’s people live in extreme poverty.
  2. Limitation of compulsory free education: – Education helps people to become better citizens as it helps us to grow and develop. As the availability of free education is limited and therefore many countries like Afganistan, Nigar etc has a low literacy rate like less than 30%, which leads to an increase in Child Labour.
  3. Illness or death in the Family:- Extended illness or death in someone’s family is a major cause of the increase of Child Labour because of loss of income.
  4. Inter-Generational cause: – There is a tradition seen in some families that if parents were Child Labourers themselves, they encourage their children to work as a Child Labour.

Eliminating Child Labour

Education is one of the most important components of any effective effort to eliminate Child Labour. In addition to making education free and compulsory for everyone, there are some other things which can help to eliminate or reduce Child Labour. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Spread Awareness:- Parental Awareness leads to create a socially and economically developed society. Recently, some NGO’s are spreading awarenesses to educate communities about the importance of Child Rights. They are also trying to create income resources, educational resources for families with low income.
  2. Discouraging people to employ children in shops, factories, homes, etc: – When businesses and industries like retail, hospitality try to employ Childrens in their businesses, Child Labour gets approval. So, to eliminate Child Labour completely, we must aware people and businesses not to employ them in their business.

Final Words:-

Essay on Child Labour is an important topic nowadays on an examination point of view also.


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