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Essay on Christmas in English:- Every year Christmas is celebrated on  25th December throughout the world. We all know about the festival of Christmas, but when our students sit to write an essay on Christmas in limited words, it becomes a challenging task for them.

Preparing an essay on Christmas in English in 100 or 150 words is always time-consuming for them. So today Team GuideToExam brings to you a few essays on Christmas in different words limits.

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50 Words Essay on Christmas in English

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Christmas is one of the most enjoyable festivals that is celebrated across the world. Every year Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. Christmas is the birth anniversary of the Messiah God Jesus Christ.

An artificial pine tree which is also called the Christmas tree is decorated, Churches and homes are decorated with lights or lanterns. Christmas carols are sung by kids.

100 Words Essay on Christmas in English

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals in this world. It is celebrated on 25th December every year across the world. Actually, the word Christmas means Feast day of Christ. In 336 A.D. the first Christmas was celebrated in Rome. The preparation for Christmas starts a week before the day.

People decorate their homes, Churches, etc. Generally, Christmas is a festival for Christians, but many people from different caste and creeds take part in it. kids get a lot of gifts from the Santa Clause. Christmas carols are being sung or played.

Long Essay on Christmas in English

Every community in the world has a unique day to celebrate and share their happiness with each other centering on some special aspects of their norms and conventions. Christmas is such a yearly observed religious festival of Christian people in the world.

It is celebrated on 25th December every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The word Christmas is originated from Cristes-messe which means the celebration of the Eucharist.

According to The Bible; the holy book of Christians, an angel appeared to shepherds and told them that a savior had been born to Mary and Joseph in a stable in Bethlehem.

Three wise men from the East followed a wondrous star, which led them to the baby Jesus. The wise men paid homage to the new child and welcomed with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The first celebration of Christmas was marked in 336 A.D. in Rome. Around 800 A.D. the glory of Christmas was brought back to the limelight when the emperor Charlemagne received the crown on Christmas day.

And in the early 1900s, the Oxford movement of Anglican Communion Church started the revival of Christmas.

The preparations to celebrate Christmas; which involve lots of activities, start early by most of the people. People illuminate each and every corner of their beautiful homes, shops, markets, etc with coloring lights;

Decorate X-mass trees by wrapping gift boxes in them. Simultaneously, their Churches are also adorned very beautifully for this special event.

Decorating X- mass trees signify ‘’ decked with holm, coves, and ivy which at all the period of the year to be green’’. The ivy leaves symbolize the coming of the Lord Jesus to earth. Its red berries and thistles represent the thrown of Thorns worn by Jesus at the execution and the blood he shed.

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On that special day, people start for the Church to perform carols and other performances. Later, they greet other families with traditional homemade food items, lunch, dinner, etc. Small children are dressed up with colorful costumes and lots of gifts.

The kids also get the opportunity to meet Santa Clause; showered in fluffy red and white costumes, which is an important character during the celebration.

The popular song ‘’Jingle bells jingle bells’’ celebrates the coming of Santa Clause to give away the toffees, cookies, and various beautiful gifts.

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Christmas is associated with all the countries of the world including numerous people who are generally non-Christians. Being a secular country, Christmas is celebrated in India also with the same charm and much anxiety, because India has a substantial population of Christians.

However, countries in which Christmas is certainly not formal include United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bhutan, Thailand, etc.

The festival of joy, peace, and happiness; Christmas teaches the people of the world to give and share love, and to be affectionate to each other.

Christmas is such a wonderful festival which celebrates worldwide by all religions now a day, despite it being a Christian festival. This is the essence of this festival which unites every people and thus it becomes a holistic cum cultural sign for all people of the world.

Final Words

These essays on Christmas in English are designed in such a way that you can also prepare an article on Christmas or a speech on Christmas. Want some more points to be added?

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