200, 300, 400, & 500 Words Essay on Dashain Festival in English

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Diet is an intricate part of Dashain celebrations for Nepalese. Sometimes it occurs in late September, but usually in October. There are many festivals in Nepal, but this is the most significant and longest. In addition, fruits, vegetables, and other foods are abundant during this time of the year. All of the animals receive a healthy diet and are in good health. The Dashain festival is said to celebrate the demons’ victory over the gods.

200 Words Essay on Dashain Festival in English

 Dashain is celebrated during this time by Hindus. October is the autumnal month when it falls. A fifteen-day festival is held during this time. Vijaya Dashami and Bada Dashain are also popular names for Dashain. Numerous pujas and offerings are offered to Goddess Durga during Dashain. The celebration brings together people from around the world and from all over the country. Governing bodies and educational institutions are closed.            

As the tenth day of Dashain approaches, Vijaya Dashami becomes increasingly meaningful. The elders bless people on this day by giving them tika, Jamara, and blessings for their health and progress. Children wear the latest fashions. Playing swing makes them merry. It appears that people are cheerful and happy. Best wishes and greetings are exchanged.          

Ram’s victory over Ravan is commemorated by this festival. Durga, the goddess of goodness, is believed to have blessed Lord Ram with her blessing to enable him to win the battle. The essence of the celebration, however, is the triumph of good over evil. As part of this festival, families, and communities gather to renew ties, as well as to gather together for fun.

300 Words Essay on Dashain Festival in English

Nepal is a secular state, having 125 ethnic groups, subcastes, and religions, and celebrating its Dashain Festival today. Despite its small size, Nepal is quite interesting due to its cultural heritage and tradition.

It is imperative to keep multiple aspects in mind when celebrating Dashain. People gather in Nepal to celebrate Dashain in a festive atmosphere where they can meet and get to know each other.

It is dedicated to the Goddess Durga in Nepal during the Dashain festival. The festival takes place at the end of September or the beginning of October. All things in the world are said to have been created by Brahma. During this festival, people celebrate in hill stations all over Nepal. There are colorful fairs and dances to remember and enjoy during the festival.

In Nepal, Dashain is celebrated by making offerings to the goddess Durga Mata such as Jamara, meat, and red tika. Goddess Durga receives sweetmeats, jamara, and other treats as offerings.

You are supposed to bring delicious and tasty sweets to the Lord of the universe and the Goddess in order to appease them. There is no requirement to offer meat to Goddess Durga’s temple. Everyone is allowed to eat them wherever they want since they are distributed everywhere.

The Dashain festival of Nepal does not only include meat offerings, jamaras, and tikas, but also other traditional rituals. The occasion is celebrated with prayers and songs by family, friends, and elders. The celebrations also include the worship of several deities. Rama and Durga Mata are among the deities worshipped during the Dashain festival.

Nepal’s Dashain festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigor, with a variety of festivities and rituals.

400 Words Essay on Dashain Festival in English

A festival with the same significance as Dashain takes place in Nepal every year. Joy and jubilation accompany the celebration. Nepalese Hindus celebrate Dashain every year. During the festival, people unite in spirit and bring happiness to each other. As a celebration of unity, truth, and happiness, this festival signifies the birth of unity and the triumph of truth.

In Nepal, Dashain takes place during the month of Aswin (September). Rituals and activities are performed every day. Vijaya Dashami follows Ghatasthapana. On Ghatasthapana, people plant rice and barley seeds, known as Jamara, in their pious corner. A popular name for the festival is Navaratri, which lasts for nine days. This period is dedicated to the worship of Durga.

Fulpati is the day on which Jamara is brought from the Gorkha Durbar to the Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu, with the priest’s help. A goat, duck, buffalo, and other birds and animals are sacrificed to Goddess Durga between Fulpati (the 8th day) and the 9th day. Some even visit temples to worship Durga’s image. In doing so, they wish her prosperity and power. On the 10th day of the Tika, which is called Vijaya Dashami, there is a festival called Tika.

This day is marked by the blessing of the elders as well as the imposition of Tika (red-colored rice seeds) on the forehead and Jamara on the head. In addition to blessings for health, happiness, progress, wealth, and longevity, they also receive blessings for longevity. In addition to wearing new clothes, visiting relatives and enjoying delicious food, people also wear designer shoes.

Truth triumphs over untruth at Dashain festival. The Hindu scriptures define these two events as the beginning of the festival celebrations. Goddess Durga killed the cruel demon Mahisasur in the first instance.

It is believed that the Dashain festival began after this victory. Similarly, when Ramchandra and Sita returned to Ayodhya after destroying Ravan and rescuing Sita from the evil Ravan. Dashain is an occasion for celebration both socially and religiously. Goodwill and peace are the underlying themes of the occasion.

500 Words Essay on Dashain Festival in English

Bada Dashain or Vijaya Dashami are also terms used for Dashain. Hindus generally celebrate it around Ashwin or Kartik, the lunar month of October or the Nepali year.

It is celebrated as a symbol of virtue or truth triumphing over sin or falsehood. As per Hindu mythology, the Dashain festival celebrates the victory over Ravan and demons by Lord Ram and Goddess Durga. Strength is associated with Durga.

Although all fifteen days of the Dashain festival are significant, not every day is equally significant. As part of Ghatasthapana, people sow barley, maize, and wheat seeds in dark corners to grow yellow. ‘Jamara’ is the name given to the seedlings.

Phoolpati is the seventh day of the week. This day is dedicated to the worship of ‘Goddess Durga’. It is common for people to bring owners and fruits. Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami are the eighth and ninth days of the festival, respectively. This day is celebrated by people offering sacrifices of different animals, including goats, he-buffaloes, and others.

On the tenth day of Dashain, known as Vijaya Dashami, there is a great deal of celebration. A ‘Tika’ is placed on the forehead and a ‘Jamara’ is placed over the ear of every junior member by their elders. They receive blessings for their well-being, health, prosperity, and longevity on that day. Dashain is bid farewell on Kojagrat Poornima, the last day of the month.

It is customary for Nepalese schools and offices to remain closed for at least ten days during this festival. This festival is celebrated with family by those who are away from home. People seem to be happy, and the weather does not appear to be too cold or too hot. There is a lot of enjoyment in eating different delicious foods, wearing new clothes, playing swings (ping pong), etc.

The greatest joy Tika brings to children is receiving their first clothes and crisp notes. Family members share their experiences together. Through this festival, we have the opportunity to strengthen brotherhood, mutual cooperation, and goodwill between people.

Some people see the Dashain festival as a competition by borrowing money, but it helps enhance our joy. Depending on the size of our throat, we should swallow the bone. During the festival, innocent animals should not also be sacrificed in the name of goddess Durga. If we kill our evil thoughts and behaviors, goddesses will not be satisfied; rather, they will be satisfied if we kill our evil thoughts and behaviors. It is only after that that everyone can have a blissful Dashain.


During the Dashain festival, justice triumphs over injustice. In order to rescue Sita, Lord Rama attacked Ravana’s demon. Nepal celebrates Dashain to commemorate this victory.

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