Essay on Education Goals In English

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I strive to have an education that is both philosophical and practical. My practical education will equip me with the skills and best practices to help students, the community at large, and those in need. Having a philosophical education will allow me to gain a broader and deeper understanding of human culture and languages so that my goals can be big enough for a bright future and an even better present. Technology + liberal arts + digital humanities intersect to form philosophical and practical education.


Educating us is about building an inner model that was nonexistent in us, to begin with, characterized by our desire as the substance. As a result of this desire, we would like to shape our image of what we consider a “good person”, so that we may have a picture of what we consider a good person to be within us, so we may be able to compare anything external to this image and determine whether or not it is correct, good, worthwhile for us, or otherwise.

My child or my little grandchild, for example, deserves a good and correct life, but one that is real rather than imaginary. He should always be able to see life in relation to a small image of what a fully realized human being is, which will help him discern whether what he encounters is correct, good, and worthwhile, as well as whether he should correct things or run away from them. He should use this image as a compass to guide his life. In general, education serves that purpose. During this process, we go through various milestones, where we are able to visualize a fully-realized individual through examples and various games.

Common Education Goals

  1. Study abroad/work abroad – or in a specific country
  2. Start your own business
  3. Earn a certain qualification
  4. Be a good mentor.
  5. Join Google or whatever is an aspirational company for you

From the first day of your academic journey, you are making a difference for the betterment of your future. Which educational goals do you have? A degree might be your ticket to a promotion, or perhaps you are just an avid lifelong learner. Having a new perspective on the world, learning to think critically, or improving your writing, reading, and math skills may be among your educational goals. All of us hope to achieve our academic goals, but it isn’t always clear how to achieve them.

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