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Essay on Environmental Protection (50 Words)

(Environmental Protection Essay)

The act of protecting the environment from being polluted is called environmental protection. The main objective of environmental protection is to protect the environment or natural resources for the future. in this century we, the people are continuously harming the environment in the name of development.

Now we have reached such a situation that we can’t survive for long on this planet without environmental protection. So, we all should concentrate on environmental protection.

Essay on Environmental Protection (100 Words)

(Environmental Protection Essay)

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Environmental protection refers to the act of protecting the environment from being destroyed. The health of our mother earth is deteriorating day by day. Human being is mostly responsible for environmental degradation on this blue planet.

Environmental pollution has reached to an extent that we can’t recover from it. But we can definitely stop the environment from being polluted more. Thus the term environmental protection arises.

The environmental protection agency, a US-based organization is putting continuous effort to conserve the environment. In India, we have an environmental protection law. But still, the growth of manmade environmental pollution has not been seen as controlled.

Essay on Environmental Protection (150 Words)

(Environmental Protection Essay)

We all know the importance of environmental protection. In other words, we can also say that we can’t deny the importance of protecting the environment. In the name of up-gradation of lifestyle, the human being is causing harm to the environment.

In this era of development, our environment is facing a lot of destruction. It has become very much necessary to stop the condition from getting worse than what it is now. Thus there arises awareness of environmental protection in the world.

Some factors like the growth of population, illiteracy, and deforestation are responsible for environmental pollution on this earth. The human being is the only animal on this earth who plays an active role in the destruction of the environment.

So it is none but the only human beings who can play a vital role in the conservation of the environment. A US-based organization the Environmental Protection Agency is doing a lot to spread awareness among people to conserve the environment.

In the Indian constitution, we have environmental protection laws that try to protect the environment from the cruel clutch of human.

Very short Essay on Environmental Protection

(Very Short Environmental Protection Essay)

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The environment has been providing free service to all the living organisms on this earth from the very first day of this earth. But now the health of this environment is seen deteriorating on a daily basis due to the negligence of men.

The gradual deterioration of the environment is leading us towards doomsday. So there is an urgent need for environmental protection.

A number of environmental protection agencies are formed across the globe to protect the environment from being destroyed. In India, the environment protection act 1986 is forced in an attempt to protect the environment.

This environmental protection law is implemented after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. All these efforts are only to protect the environment from more degradation. But still, the health of the environment has not been improved as expected. A united effort is required for environmental protection.

Environmental Protection Laws in India

There are six different environmental protection laws in India. These laws not only protect the environment but also the wildlife of India. After all, wildlife is also a part of the environment. The environment protection law in India are as follows: –

  1. The Environment (Protection) Act of 1986
  2. The Forest (Conservation) Act of 1980
  3. The Wildlife Protection Act 1972
  4. Water ( prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974
  5. Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1981
  6. The Indian Forest Act,1927

( N.B.- We have only mentioned the environmental protection laws for your reference. The laws will be discussed separately in the essay on Environmental protection laws in India)

Conclusion: – It is our responsibility to protect the environment from being polluted or destroyed. Life on this earth can never be imagined without the environmental balance. Environmental protection is required to survive on this earth.

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Long Essay on Environmental Protection

To write an essay on environmental protection with a limited word count is a difficult task as there are various types of environmental protection like protecting air and controlling water pollution, ecosystem management, maintenance of biodiversity, etc. Nevertheless,  Team GuideToExam is trying to give you a basic idea of Environmental Protection in this Essay on Environmental Protection.

What is environmental protection?

Environmental protection is the way to protect our environment by increasing awareness among in our society. It is the duty of every individual to protect the environment from pollution and other activities which may lead to environmental degradation.

How to protect Environment in daily life (Ways to protect Environment)

Though there is an independent agency of the United States federal government for environmental protection called as US EPA, as a responsible citizens, we can follow some simple steps in our day-to-day life to protect the environment such as

We should minimize the use of Disposable paper plates: – Disposable Paper plates are mainly made from wood, and the manufacturing of these plates contributes to Deforestation. In addition to that, a huge amount of water is wasted in the production of these plates.

Maximize the use of reusable products: – One-time usable products of Plastic and paper have a very bad impact on the Environment. To replace these products, we must use reusable products in our homes more and more.

Use Rainwater harvesting: – Rainwater Harvesting is a simple method of collecting rainfall for future uses. The collected water by using this method can be utilized in different works like gardening, rainwater irrigation, etc.

Use eco–friendly cleaning products: – We must maximize the use of eco-friendly cleaning products rather than traditional products that rely on synthetic chemicals. Traditional cleaning products are mostly made from synthetic chemicals which are very dangerous to our health as well as our environment.

Environmental Protection Agency:-

The Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is an independent agency of the U.S. Federal government which sets and enforces national pollution control standards. It was established on 2nd Dec/1970. The main motto of this agency is to protect human and environmental health along with creating standards and laws that promote a healthy environment.


Environmental protection is the only way to protect mankind. Here, we Team GuideToExam try to give our readers an idea of what environmental protection is and how can we protect our environment by applying easy to made changes. If anything remained to uncover, don’t hesitate to give us feedback. Our team will try to add new value to our readers.

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