100, 250, & 500 Words Essay on Mere Sapno Ka Bharat In English

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It is everyone’s dream to see his/her country grow and become a democratic success. Equal rights for all genders and in all areas is a positive sign. It is also one of my dreams to experience India the way I want it to be. I would like it to be for my children and grandchildren. Additionally, a true sense of development can be seen when caste, color, gender, and economic status are not discriminated against. All aspects of life are also favorable in such countries.

100 Words Essay on Mere Sapno Ka Bharat

My ideal country is a country where everyone lives in harmony with one another. Art and integrity will be respected by everyone. To serve their country, they must be patriotic and willing to make sacrifices.

Education and willingness to work for the progress of the nation should be the goals of each and every one of us. Bribes are not accepted in the country of my dreams. Communism and casteism are not supported by anyone. It is the right and responsibility of every citizen to have equal opportunities and rights.

A role model for the younger generation is an elder who respects the younger generation. Keeping the environment clean and green is a top priority for each of them. Manpower is invested in by the government.

250 Words Essay on Mere Sapno Ka Bharat

I dream about an India without social factions that are stable and free of violence. All caste, creed, color, language, and other ill feelings would be eliminated among my countrymen. Every one of them will think that he or she is an Indian. It is impossible for them to engage in petty disputes. All barriers will be forgotten and they will work together.

It is estimated that 50 percent of Indians are illiterate, and they all lead miserable lives. If I lived in my dream land, mass education would be a priority, and nobody would be illiterate. Human resources will be created as a result of this. Everyone in the country would receive an education based on need, and they would all be trained in something or other to support themselves.

Heavy and small industries will be established throughout the country, and cottage industries will be encouraged side by side in the India of my dreams. In this way, our economy will be strengthened by the export of goods that will benefit our economy.

Our unemployment problem will be solved by industrialization, which will create a number of jobs. Economic policy in the land of my dreams will be liberalized, which will enable rich and wealthy people to invest their money in industries that will grow our economy. Despite the fact that it may seem impossible, we can accomplish our goal if we work hard.

500 Words Essay on Mere Sapno Ka Bharat

Agriculturally, scientifically, and technologically, I want India to be at the forefront of the world. A rational and scientific India would prevail over fanaticism and blind faith. There would never be a time when crude sentimentalism and crude emotionalism would rule. As the modern age is one of science and information technology, I would like to bring India to the pinnacle of scientific and technological progress. Science and information technology are essential for any country that wants to prosper and progress, otherwise, the citizens will not be able to live well.

An India that is food self-sufficient would be my dream India. To achieve self-sufficiency in food grains, all barren lands will be cultivated. In view of agriculture’s importance to the Indian economy, it will be given special attention. Farmers would be required to use better seeds, fertilizers, tools, and implements in the next green revolution if intensive agricultural programs are introduced.

A highly industrialized country would be a second goal for me. The country must reach the pinnacle of progress and prosperity in this age of industrialization.

India’s defense would also be strengthened by me. It would be so strong that no enemy could ever dare to look at India’s sacred soil with covetous eyes. It would be imperative to protect the country’s security and defense. Because people worship military power in the modern world, the country would have all the paraphernalia of modern defense to achieve this objective. It has been proven during the Kargil war that we are a military superpower, but we have a long way to go before we are able to achieve it.

My next priority would be to eliminate ignorance and illiteracy because these are blights on any society. A mass education program would be implemented. A more pragmatic system of democracy would then be possible. Individual liberty and freedom will be defined as well as granted in spirit.

I would also like to see the gap between the rich and the poor reduced in India of my dreams. All sections of society would receive a rational distribution of national income. The India of my dreams would provide food, shelter, and clothing to everyone. Practicing socialism sincerely would be the only method of achieving and maintaining economic equality in India.

The implementation of these measures with utmost sincerity would lead to India soon becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world. This would aid those nations that remain slaves to the big powers. Rabindranath Tagore described such an India in his lines:

The world has not been fragmented by narrow domestic walls, where the mind is free, where knowledge is free.


I would like Mere Sapno Ka Bharat to be an ideal country, in which I can live with confidence and be proud of my country. This country should offer a better life to the coming generation. In my country, I would like the democratic system to be the strongest and most successful, and I would prefer my country to be politically sound and unbiased. In all spheres of life, corruption should be eradicated.

Inequalities should be eliminated, taxes should be implemented practically and judicially, and taxes should be imposed equitably. All citizens here must dream of this dream nation in order to achieve desired results. As a citizen, we should act in a manner that makes our future generation proud of the country from which they come. In addition, we should inspire other countries to emulate ours.

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