Essay On My First Day At College in 150, 350 and 500 Words

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A student’s life begins anew when he graduates from school and advances to college. His memory of his first day at college will always remain etched in his heart. The purpose of writing practice in English is to ask students to compose an essay about their first day at college. The following is part of their first day in college essay. In order to help students write their own essays about their first days at college, I’ve provided a sample essay and a sample paragraph about mine.

 A 150-word essay about my first day at college

 My first day at college was an emotional experience for me, so writing about it was difficult for me. The day I started that new chapter of my life was a turning point in my life. I enrolled in Haji Muhammad Mohsin College after passing the SSC examination. On the first day, I arrived before 9 AM. My first action was to write the procedure on the notice board. It was a three-class day for me. It was English class first. In the classroom, I sat down.

 A large number of students were present. A lively conversation was taking place between them. There was a lot of interaction between the students. Though I had never met any of them before, I quickly made friends with a few of them. In the classroom, the professor arrived on time. The rolls were called very quickly at first. During his speech, he used English as his language.

 He discussed the responsibilities of a college student. My teachers’ lectures were enjoyable, and I enjoyed each class. In the afternoon, I visited several areas of the college after class. Compared to the college library, the college library was much larger. Thousands of books were on display, which amazed me. A memorable day in my life was my first day in college.

 Essay on My First Day at College in 350+ Words

 It was an important day in my life when I attended college for the first time. I will never forget that day. When I was in school. My elder brothers and sisters provided me with a glimpse of college life. Having just started college, I looked forward to it with much anticipation. It seemed to me that college life would offer me a freer life, where there would be fewer restrictions and fewer teachers to worry about. It was finally the day that had been longed for.

 A government college was opened in my city. As soon as I stepped onto the college grounds, I was filled with hope and aspirations. Seeing the diversified perspective offered by the college was a pleasant surprise. I had never seen anything like it at our school or around it. Many unknown faces appeared in front of me.

 As a freshman in college, I experienced some very strange things. My surprise was sparked by seeing students playing indoor and outdoor games as well as listening to radio broadcasts during class time. It is not prohibited to wear a uniform. Students’ movements are free, as I observed. It is up to them to decide what they want to do.

 The newly admitted students were all in good spirits when I arrived. It was a pleasure to make friends with them all. It was a pleasure to move around the college. As I entered the college library, I was delighted to find books on every topic I wanted to learn about. On my first day at the college, I was keen to learn more about the laboratory and conduct experiments. The notice board displayed the timetable for my class. Attending classes was something I did. There is a difference between the method of teaching at the college and at the school.

 A specialized teacher teaches each subject. Classes do not ask questions. Failure to learn a lesson does not result in a reprimand from the professor. This is simply a matter of reminding students they have responsibilities. The school has a homely atmosphere, so students lack access to snacks. Therefore, they feel the comfortable rhythm of life has changed and I returned home feeling a mixture of duty and liberty.

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 My First Day at College Essay In 500+ Words

 A brief introduction:

A memorable event in my life was my first day at college. When I was a boy, I dreamed of studying in a college. A college was attended by my eldest brother. During our conversation, he told me stories about his college. My mind immediately traveled to another world when I read those stories. As a student, I found college to be a totally different experience from my school. My dream of attending college came true because of that. My college experience seemed to me to be an opportunity to get rid of the rigid school rules that I had gone to school under. The SSC examination was finally passed and I was able to enroll in a college. Some colleges gave me admission forms. Haji Mohammad Mohsin College selected me for admission after I took the admission tests at those colleges. The event marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life.


My college life had been on my mind for quite some time. It was finally here. As soon as I arose from my bed, I prepared breakfast. On my way to college, I arrived there well before 9 a.m. In the morning, the routine was written on the noticeboard. It was a busy day for me with three classes. There was a difference in classrooms between my classes and I was surprised by it.

 Classroom experience:

It was English that I studied in my first class. It was time for me to take my seat in the classroom. Many students attended. A lively conversation was taking place between them. There was a lot of student interaction going on. I became friends with some of them in no time, despite not knowing any of them before. In the classroom, the professor arrived on time. He called the roll quickly. After that, he began to speak. 

English was his first language. College students have responsibilities and duties, he said. He held my attention raptly. It was a very informative lecture and I enjoyed it a lot. The next class was Bengali’s first paper. The class was held in a different classroom. Bengali short stories were the topic of the teacher’s lecture in that class. 

My previous school’s educational standards are different from the colleges I am attending. After attending the classes, I understood the difference. Additionally, the college had a better method of teaching. Students were treated politely by the professor as if they were friends.

Libraries, common rooms, and canteens at the college:

After attending the classes, I visited the different parts of the college. There was a large library at the college. Thousands of books were there, and I was astonished. It was a popular place to study. A large crowd of students was chatting in the students’ common. There were also indoor games being played by some of the students. Next, I stopped by the college canteen. Some of my friends and I had tea and snacks there. Everyone on campus was having a good time and enjoying themselves.

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