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150 Word Essay on My grandmother In English


A family’s oldest member is the grandparent. I have a grandma who fills the void left by my grandfather. I’d like to share my feelings and love for my grandma today. In all my life, I have never seen such an amazing woman.  

My grandma:

She is 74 years old and is named Ruksana Ahmed. Her strength is remarkable at this age. Walks and does some small work. Even at this age, she still takes care of her family. Every family member is important to her.

Her decisions are valued and everyone asks her first. She is a religious woman. Most of her time, she used spent praying. She taught us the Quran, the holy book of Islam. When I was a kid, she used to teach me and a few of my cousins together. Now she doesn’t have good eyesight, but she still can read with her glasses.  

Her life in a few words:

Her favorite pastime was telling us stories and teaching us small lessons. She is very friendly.  


She’s loved by everyone. Her contributions are numerous. She never gets down because of them. Everyone respects her as if she were a god.  

Long Essay on My grandmother In English


Grandparents love their grandchildren a lot. I’d like to share my experience with my own grandma with you today. I have never seen such an amazing woman in my entire life. The whole family, including cousins, loves and respects her a lot. Grandma’s life was colorful and I think elderly people like her should be respected.

The stories my father and uncle tell about her are quite interesting. A big and awesome celebration was held for her grandpa’s wedding. In terms of beauty, she was unsurpassed. As a result of his love for her, he proposed to her father that they get married.

She found her family’s financial difficulties to be the most touching aspect of her life. As a result, she became a part-time teacher. She had an excellent work ethic. As a teacher, maintaining a large family was challenging.

She was still able to succeed, however. Working hard and creating a better world for the next generation pays off. Her adoration is unwavering. It was a difficult fight for her. I consider her to be my best friend. In addition to me, many of my cousins also spend a lot of time with her. She is loved by us as well. It’s never a problem for her to refuse us. And it’s never a problem for us to love her. It will make life better for them  

The love I have for my grandmother is substantial. I have been taken care of by her ever since I was born. She has taken full responsibility for bringing me up in a disciplined and healthy manner. It is possible for my grandmother to be very bold. There is a lot we can learn from her. A polite person, she is capable of handling any quiet situation in a proactive manner. Every time we visit my grandmother’s native land, she prepares delicious meals.

With my grandmother, there are many enjoyable things to do. I was taught to sing by her when I was a child, and she told me many fascinating stories. Having been in business for over 20 years, she is an extremely talented individual.

Through her efforts and success in her business, I have been motivated to be the same way in my life as well. In many competitions, I wouldn’t have won prizes if it wasn’t for my grandmother. When I achieve high marks in an examination, my grandmother presents me with books and things that are precious to me. For doing well in Maths and Science this year, she gifted me a painting box.

Each year, we look forward to spending the summer at our grandmother’s house. There is no doubt that our grandmother is a remarkable mentor. She has taught us many valuable lessons. She has been the only one who has helped us gain a good sense of conduct in our lives. The next holiday will allow me to meet my grandmother, who might be a kind person.

In addition to preparing delicious food, she enjoys serving it to members of the family who are tall. As if she were a machine, she was infected. In spite of her age, she devotes the time between 1 pm and 4 pm to stitching and needlework. It is possible that she is a healthy and slim woman.

She manages every aspect of the household. Our love for her is abundant. Our family consults her on all matters related to the family. We have no difficulties with our family affairs; they are running smoothly. In our group, there are no quarrels. The clothes and ornaments she wears aren’t very showy.

Guests are always welcomed by the grandmother. Pious and admirable, she is one of the finest women I have ever met. Motherland is a very significant part of her character. There is a possibility that she leads a planned lifestyle. Besides rice mixed with rice water, pickles, fruits, and vegetable curry, she eats simple food. Vegetarianism is possible for her. She eats once during the day at noon and once during the night at 9 p.m. Tea is only made twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening.

It is customary for grandmothers to wear plain, lightweight colored sarees. Her favorite sarees do not have those colors, despite their gorgeous colors. She does not oppose fashion or designs in any way.

When it comes to handy work, she is sweet. It will be possible for her to knit sweaters for us. In her opinion, it is not a wise idea to sit idle for too long. In addition to her other duties, she will be involved in some other projects. She offered to help my mother with household chores. Having prepared sweets and cakes for many years, she knows how to do them well.


I love my grandmother a lot, and so do my mom and aunts. Their respect for her and support for her work are evident. We all try to love her as well. My life would not be the same without her. 

 Short Essay on My grandmother In English


There is no woman stronger than my grandma. When I learned about my grandmother’s breast cancer diagnosis, I was in 6th grade. Although I didn’t really understand what they meant at the time, I knew it was the wrong thing. My grandmother was also a strong woman. She is one of the most talented fighters I’ve ever seen. In the same way she would never lose hope in us, I never lost hope in her.

It was during this period that my grandmother took many sick days, but she always remained optimistic. The true extent of her suffering was never disclosed to anyone. Even though it was difficult for her, she continued to support and care for the people around her. My grandmother is cancer-free after all her chemo treatments!

I really admire my grandma’s love for her family. She always puts them before anyone else. It is because I know she won’t judge me instead of understanding me that I can confide in her. As long as I am crying, she holds me and tries to find a solution or talk me through the problem. She will never criticize me for complaining about anything.

My inspiration for being a better person comes from her. No matter how difficult I may be, he is the only one who has not given up on me. It is impossible for me to forget the inspiration she gives me on a daily basis, and the joy I receive from her words. My favorite memory of her is the love she had for everyone around the world. It is my sincere hope that she will always remember my love for her.

Using her experiences as a guide, I have learned that moving forward is more meaningful than trying to change the past. Furthermore, I learned that diligent work and courage can change bad luck, which does not come from birth. So many lessons have been taught to me by my grandmother. My only wish is to be as phenomenal as her when I have grandchildren.

Paragraph on My grandmother In English

I have a grandmother who is godless in the form of a woman. Serving and sacrificing are the sole purposes of life. Because of this, she is entitled to claim and command respect in our family.

There is no one busier in the family than my grandmother. As the family vehicle’s most significant wheel, she plays an instrumental role. She is the lady who looks after and nurses the children. It is evident that she is a religious woman. Before dawn, she wakes up and takes a bath before meditating. While sitting in front of the temple she has set up in her house, she reads holy books and recites hymns.

Cooking is one of my grandmother’s strong suits. In addition to preparing delicious meals, she serves the family’s tall members delicious food. She infects machines with her actions. In spite of her age, she reserves time between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. for sewing and needlework.

A healthy and stout woman, she appears to be in reasonable health. Every aspect of the house is taken care of by her. Our love for her is therefore very deep. Each member of the family consults her on all family matters. In this way, everything runs smoothly in our family, and we don’t face any difficulties. Our group does not have any quarrels.

There is a lot of kindness and consideration in her. It is evident that she is very hardworking. Her life is full of moments that she doesn’t waste. Whether it’s this work or that work, she’s always busy. Our family has progressed dramatically under her leadership. The way she cares for us is wonderful. Dresses and ornaments that are showy are not her styles. There is nothing she doesn’t do to make you feel welcome. This lady is idealistic and pious. Motherland holds a special place in her heart.

Simple Essay on My grandmother In English


In most families, the oldest member is the head. Our family’s oldest member has always been a grandma. Family members look to her as a leader and guide. We always ask her permission before doing anything. She deserves love and respect. Over the years, she has made so many sacrifices for her family. It is my pleasure to share my grandma’s experience with you today.  

The following is what my grandmother said:

My name is Nazma Ahmed. The woman is about 70 years old and still has the ability to walk and move properly. A fascinating character, she is. It is very easy for her to talk to us and she enjoys sharing stories with us. Having the chance to spend time with her is really exciting for me and my cousins.    

The routine she follows every day is as follows:

Morning prayer is the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning. Her religious beliefs are very significant to her. As a family, she encourages everyone to pray more and more. Even now, she still heads to the kitchen to deal with the cooking situation. She was an amazing cook in her time. She took her bath at 1 PM, before noon prayer. In the afternoon, she sat with all of us and taught us for a while. Any major health issues yet?  

How Much I Love Her:

She is very special to me. I consider her to be my best friend. Since childhood, I have spent most of my time with her. Also, we have cousins that we’re raising together and spending time with. She always loved us very much. Even the whole family loves her.  


As the most senior member of our family, we respect her. Our family has been made better by her in so many ways.

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