A Detailed Essay on My Hobby

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Essay on My Hobby:- Every person has a hobby of his own. Today team GuideToExam brings a complete essay on My Hobby for you. With the help of this essay, you can boost your preparation for the board or competitive exam.

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Essay on My Hobby

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“When your hobbies get in the way of your work – that’s OK, but when your hobbies get in the way of themselves… well.” – Steve Martin

A mind with no thoughts is the mind of a demon. Well, this saying is absolutely true. A free mind with no creativity going on or with no passion to learn something deeply is completely useless in today’s world.

So, to keep our free minds occupied and away from all the worries in the world, nothing can be better than having a hobby. If a person is interested in a certain activity, he/she will try to learn deeply about it.

And this will keep them away from the world full of worries and tensions and will keep it fresh and active. So, find something which keeps your soul happy and satisfied and that you enjoy doing the most.

Don’t let your spark and excitement down in a world full of stress. Get yourself engaged in a certain activity that can be your perfect stress-buster.

Well, this essay on my hobby will apprise you about the benefits of having a hobby. The first and foremost benefit of a hobby is to know about yourself.

After finding your area of interest, you can realize your potential and try to explore yourself.

Well, apart from knowing about yourself and you’re potential, it can also be your source of income. For instance, if you are interested in dancing or music, you can open your institution where you can start your dance and music class.

Similarly, if you are good at painting, you can sell them to earn money. So, whenever you are not confined to some other work, you can keep yourself engaged in your hobby.

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Because as I have already said above, if you will sit ideal, your free mind will congregate the worries and stress around you. So, it would be better to explore your area of interest to get rid of the boring and stressful times.

It will not only kill your boredom but also sharpen your mind as well.

Well, if I talk about my hobby in this essay on my hobby, I would say my interest in dancing has made me more passionate about it. In this life full of worries and tension, whenever I feel awful or dull, dancing refreshes my mood and cheers me up.

It makes my soul happy and satisfied whenever I am burdened with stress. And as the popular saying, Dancing is the Hidden Language of the Soul, so I can burst out all my anger and stress through dancing.

Well, my hobby has now also become my source of income. I inaugurated my Institution last month where I have started teaching the art of dance.

Spending time with my dance students and teaching them this activity not only helps me in making money but cheers up my mood, which gets spoiled with my work stress.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this is the complete essay on my hobby. Well, having a hobby means having a scheduled life with proper time for worries as well as for enjoying.

No, matter if you are a student of a school or a person doing a job, your life must be engaged with worries and tensions. And to cheer up the mood, nothing can be better than spending time doing your favorite activity. Thank You.

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