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Essay on Rainy Season – Rainy Season or Green Season is the time when the average rainfall or most of the rainfall in regions occurs. This season normally lasts from June to September and is treated as the most amazing season of the year by many people.

High humidity, Extensive Clouding, etc. are some characteristics of the Rainy Season. Looking at the demanding knowledge about  Rainy Season, We Team GuideToExam has written an Essay on Rainy Season for the students of Primary and Secondary levels.

Essay on Rainy Season

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The rainy season is one of the most wonderful seasons of the four seasons which brings much comfort and relief after the extreme heat of the preceding summer season.

This season is also known as the wet season and it has a major role in Environmental Protection. During this season any particular region receives average rainfall. There are several factors responsible for its cause.

Those are – various geographical factors, the flow of wind, topographical position, the temperament of clouds, etc.

Generally, this season is called “monsoon’’ in India. It begins in the month of June and lasts till September. That means in India it lasts about three to four months.

However, in other countries and in different geographical areas there is not any fixed time period. For example- rain occurs throughout the year in tropical rain forests but deserts receive it very rarely.

The main reason behind the change of this season lies under when the surface temperature of Earth increases in the daytime and the adjoining air rises up and forms a low-pressure zone.

This forces the moisture winds from water bodies like an ocean, seas, etc towards land, and they start to precipitate rain. This cycle is known as the rainy season.

The rainy season is an outstanding and most remarkable season because it has the potential to maintain the groundwater and also the natural resources.

Leaves of the plants which were got drooped due to the unbearable heat, directly spring to life in this season. All the creatures; including living and non-living, directly depend on natural water. This season refills the water level to underpin it till next season.

The rainy season plays a vital role in countries like India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc because a large number of families in India depend on rain to cultivate.

We also know that 70%of the Indian Population is from rural areas. It is noteworthy that a maximum of 20% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the nation comes from this agricultural sector. That is why the monsoon is very essential for India.

The rainy season also has a temperament of destruction though it has lots of credit points. Great calamities like Flood, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc occur during this season.

And so people need to be very preventive and have to take necessary precautions to rescue.

To conclude, one must accept that the rainy season is undoubtedly an essential time period which is almost pleasant among all the four-season.

It is important from the perspective of nature to the economic condition of a country. To add more, all the land areas directly turn barren, dry, and unfertile if there will be no rain.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Rainy Season

Question: Which Month is Rainy Season?

Answer: The Rainy Season starts in the month of June and it lasts till the end of September. Within this period July and August are the rainest months of the season.

Question: Why Rainy Season is important?

Answer: This season is treated as the most amazing season of the year as it is important for all kinds of living creatures on this earth. In addition to that, a good amount of Rainfall clears the air and allows plants to grow.

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