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Essay on save tree save life: – Trees are considered an indispensable part of the environment. It is very necessary to save trees on this earth to make this earth safe for us. Today Team GuideToExam brings to you some essays on the topic of save trees save life.

50 words Essay on Save Trees in English

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Trees are the most essential part of nature. It gives us life by providing oxygen to us. We all know the importance of trees in the environment. Thus it is said that ‘save trees save the earth’. We can’t survive on this earth without the presence of trees. So, the plantation of trees is very necessary to get a balanced environment for survival. We all know the importance of trees and thus we all should try to save trees.

100 words Essay on Save Trees in English

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Trees are the best gift of nature to human beings. We can’t ignore the importance of trees. Trees are very necessary for this planet to survive. That’s why it is said that saving trees save a life. Trees serve as the best friend of human beings. Trees provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. It also controls environmental pollution.

Trees are the source of medicine and food for us. It also helps us in making our houses, furniture, etc. We need to plant more trees to enjoy the benefits of trees.

200 words Essay on Save Trees in English

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It is said that saving trees saves the environment. We, human beings can’t survive on this earth for a day without trees. Trees are the most essential part of the environment. It provides us with Oxygen to breathe in and absorbs CO2 to maintain the balance in the environment.

Human beings are completely dependent on trees for food, medicine, and many more. But unfortunately with the rapid growth in population deforestation is taking place. The number of trees is alarmingly decreasing in the environment.

In order to live on this planet, we need to save trees. Not only human beings but all the other animals also depend on trees directly or indirectly to survive on the earth. So it is said that save trees and save animals. More plants should be planted to increase the number of plants.

Awareness should be spread among people by organizing different competitions like save trees posters, save tree fancy dress competitions, etc. among students. We can’t save the earth without trees so it can be concluded that save trees save earth.

Long essay on Save Trees Save Life

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We all know the importance of trees. We should make people aware that trees are very important and also teach them why trees are important for us. Though there are 100 ways to save trees, people nowadays are not very conscious and don’t want to save trees, so the government should take steps to save trees.

People nowadays also after knowing how to save trees they are not trying to save trees. The answer to the question of how to save trees is very easy but people are not paying attention to it. The simple answer to the question of how to save trees is, to stop cutting trees.

Some of the things that would happen if people don’t save trees are global warming, soil erosion, etc. people just talk about the benefits of trees but they are never seen trying any of the measures to save tree. People should not only talk about the importance of trees, but they should also try to implement the measures.

Let’s talk about things so that children also learn why trees are important to us. The first thing we should do is to teach the children how to save trees and why should we save trees. First, we should learn how to save trees. We can help by protecting the trees that grow in our own neighborhood, and planting more when you see trees cut down.

Efficient use of paper products is important we can also help save trees by motivating others to plant more and more trees, what would happen if the trees decrease in number, and also by making them aware of the usefulness of trees.

The following steps can be taken to save trees:

  • Use paper in a wise manner; don’t waste paper in a stupid way.
  • Using secondhand books instead of buying new books it saves both money and paper which automatically saves the tree. (This is an important point we can teach everyone so that they learn how to save trees)
  • Plant a tree on a special date every month. Not only on earth day.
  • The forest fire is a high reason for numerous numbers of trees dying.
  • We should be care full with fire, especially in forest areas where lots of woods are there both dead and living.
  • We should never play with matches or lighters.
  • We should always make sure that our site fire is completely out before leaving it.

We should all know the importance of trees on the environment as trees clean the air. Tree works as a natural air sift of particulate matter such as dust, micro-sized metals, and pollutants such as oxides, ammonia ozone, nitrogen, and sulfur dioxides. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which is very important for every organism alive. Therefore, we all should plant more and more trees.

By now everyone must be aware of how to save trees but also after knowing it people are not following the measures to save trees, in place they are just putting more and more trees for their personal needs.

We know that the trees are responsible for cleaning most living creatures’ breath. They give humans and animals materials to build their houses. Among many other uses trees give humans the materials that people use every day that’s paper.

A tree does all these for humans but in return what we humans are giving to the trees? We shameless humans are just killing trees one after another.

So we should make every people aware of how to save trees and also try our best to know more from others too. We should all perform the task to save trees and tasks so that everyone knows it too. Many kinds of trees are endangered only because of us shitty people, endangered means the species which are close to extinction.

And it’s up to humanity to make the efforts needed to save wildlife from this tragedy. All this needs a simple gesture in the right direction, like focusing on special rights that protect trees.

After knowing the importance of trees we should also perform tasks so that other peoples also know the benefits of trees. But only knowing how to save trees is not enough we should also try to save more and more trees and plant more and more trees

We all know that trees are the best friend of humans as trees provide us with every necessary thing from medicines to shelter. There are trees that provide us with very useful medicines to cure many diseases.

Trees also provide us with edibles that can fill our tummy like fruits, veggies, etc. trees also provide us with oxygen which is the main requirement for the living of a living being. Without trees, life would be impossible on this planet earth.

People nowadays even after knowing how to save trees they are not saving trees they are cutting more and more trees. Can we call this humanity? We can likely see that before trees humanity on this planet earth would endanger. This is a huge shame for every single human being living on this planet earth.

We the educated people should first start to save trees and stop cutting trees and from we educated people, other people could learn why should we preserve trees, plant more and more trees and obviously stop the cutting of trees.

If we human beings do so we can shamelessly say this earth to be an air pollution-free earth as the trees are responsible for cleaning the air.

If more trees are there then there would be no polluted air, the air around would be clean and we could breathe clean air as much as we want to. So we should tell people about the importance of trees and also attempt our most excellent to save trees.

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400 words essay on Save Trees Save Life

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Trees are the reward or simply the blessing of the so-called god to every living organism on this earth. There are different types of trees. Trees make landscapes stunning. Trees are valuable to man and terrestrial life forms. Trees maintain ecological balance and stability.

Trees must be secluded. The felling of trees ought to be prohibited. Tree plantation activities should be encouraged to make our environment green, beautiful and healthy.

Trees are food for human beings and every herbivorous animal. The roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and even the seeds of different trees can be eaten. Trees are Nature’s bounty. We should not cut trees for our selfish needs. We should plant more and more trees and protect every single tree in or near our locality.

To grow, a plant performs a process known as photosynthesis. In this process, plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen which we people breathe. The process carried out by plants also helps us in many other ways.

Plants use up carbon dioxide and thus prevent the accumulation of greenhouse gas that leads to global warming and climate change. This is why tree plantation actions must be optimistic.

There are many uses of the trees, some of them are:

  • Trees provide shade.
  • Trees combat climate change.
  • Trees clean the air.
  • Trees provide oxygen.
  • Trees are even responsible for saving water.
  • Trees help to prevent air pollution.
  • Trees help prevent soil pollution.
  • Trees provide shade.
  • Trees provide food.
  • Trees mark the season.
  • Trees provide shelter for any living organism.

Trees are also known as green gold. Trees are the children of our motherland, earth. Earth feeds the trees from its breast but we selfish people are killing the trees on a huge figure of deforestation is taking place in every outskirt of the city. People are killing trees for their selfish needs.

These selfish people should be made aware of the absence of trees, and what would happen if trees would not have been there. Trees made life possible on this earth. The existence of trees made life possible on earth.

We should not cut trees, planting more and more trees motivate others to plant a single sapling on their birthdays or maybe on a special day of theirs.

Trees also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air which is responsible for keeping the atmosphere around us not so hot. We should save trees. SAVE TREES SAVE LIFE.

Conclusion to save trees essay: – So we are in the concluding part of the save trees essay. In today’s world, different environment-related crises like global warming, environmental pollution, and melting of glaciers are very common. These problems are the result of deforestation. Such problems can be controlled by planting more and more trees. Thus it is said that save trees save life.

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