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Long Essay on Television in English


There is no doubt that television is a popular entertainment device. It is a very common household item that is found almost everywhere. In the beginning, television was known as an “Idiot Box” because it was primarily intended for entertainment at the time.

With the advancement of technology and creativity, television has become an essential mass media tool. Today, there are many educational and informative channels on TV, both of which serve as sources of entertainment and knowledge.

Television is made up of two words: “Tele” and “vision”. An instrument for operating over long distances is named Tele, a prefix with Greek roots meaning far-off, while vision is the act of seeing. The term “television” refers to a device for receiving signals that has a screen. 

The Perspectives of Television

An inventor from Scotland, John Logie Baird, is credited with inventing the television. Initially, it could display monochrome motion pictures (or videos). Technology has advanced to the point where we now have color TVs as well as smart TVs.

Television is important for children and adults, who spend much of their leisure time watching it. Spending so much time watching television might make one wonder if it is actually a wise practice. Television has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Watching Television

Inexpensive entertainment: Television has become one of the most affordable forms of entertainment. In addition to a very minimal service fee, televisions are not very expensive to own. Those who live alone or cannot go out often can enjoy watching television as a worthwhile source of entertainment. All people can afford televisions because they are so cheap.

Provides knowledge: Television has many services, such as news channels. Staying up-to-date with the latest news around the world is possible thanks to these channels and services. Television offers us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge base. There is a lot of science, wildlife, history, and so forth that we get to learn about.

Motivating: Television shows promote certain skills by motivating people to develop them. Motivating speakers are featured on programs that encourage viewers to strive for excellence in their fields.

The disadvantages of television

Like every other device, television has some demerits alongside its advantages. 

There are few measures in television to prevent the segregation of mature and adult audiences from younger audiences. As a result, when a piece of content is aired, it can be viewed by everyone. Consequently, young people are exposed to inappropriate material.

TV addiction has been shown to develop as a result of watching a lot of television. As a result of television addiction, social activities are reduced and inactivity is promoted. Mentally and physically ill children are more likely to suffer from this condition.

The majority of television content is aimed at spreading false information in order to boost ratings and views. Social and communal harmony can be harmed by this type of misinformation. People of a vulnerable age can also be affected by misinformation.

Short Essay on Television in English


Television allows us to watch movies and shows of our choice. It was invented in 1926 as a component of audio-visual equipment. In the early 1900s, a Scottish scientist named Baird invented color television. We live in a world where television plays a major role. Among the cheapest forms of entertainment in our homes, it is one of the most popular. As a result, we get information about every corner of the globe through its use. 

There are many things that customers can access through television. A television program can be informative and educative, whether it is a movie or a music video.

Ancient Greek is the origin of the word television. The word television consists of two words, “tele” meaning far, and “vision” meaning sight. There are many acronyms used to describe television, such as TV, tube, etc. The product has been manufactured in many variants over the years. In today’s day and age, there is a wide variety of TVs with different features, sizes, and prices. However, it is characterized by the following characteristics:

It is an audio-visual medium, which means that a typical TV contains both sound and vision. Multiple media forms are incorporated into TV. There is no doubt that it is a highly credible mass communication medium that has linked the entire world in a big loop.

Our ability to perceive has been enhanced as a result. The magic box of television attracts millions of people because of its ability to fascinate them. A huge target audience is attracted to TV shows that feature glamour, popular personalities, and fashion.

Families enjoy watching TV together. Platforms are crucial for advertising. TV helps businessmen reach a larger audience and increase sales. Besides providing information about current events, it is also a valuable medium for reporting.

Television is a very influential medium. TV is an incredible source of information for the common man. Moreover, it is a valuable learning tool, especially for children. It covers numerous aspects of our daily life. These include current happenings, sports, weather reports, information regarding a certain crime, and most of all, entertainment. Enjoying the liberty of staying home and obtaining all this valuable information is possible because of television.

There are many advantages to TV, but it also has some disadvantages. In addition to the negative effects of television, there are also some positive ones: TV watchers are more likely to suffer from vision-related problems as a result of too much TV time.

In addition to reducing physical activity among children, TV also contributes to obesity. There is a lack of effective social interaction on TV. We are affected cognitively and behaviorally by it. Children’s mindsets can be corrupted as a result.


In our modern world, television has been a remarkable discovery. We have benefited from it and our standard of living has improved. Moderation is the key to using this gadget responsibly.

250 Word Essay on Television in English


Around the world, television is a widely used entertainment device. Television has become quite common in today’s society, and almost every household owns one. The ‘idiot box’ was initially referred to as such due to its entertainment-centric nature back then. There were fewer informative channels back then than there are today.

The craze for watching TV increased substantially with the invention of this device. Due to its popularity among kids, people began to consider it harmful. Children watch television instead of studying most of the time. Television channels have changed over time, however. Various specialty channels are broadcasting more and more. In this way, it provides us with both entertainment and knowledge.

Benefits of watching television

We have benefited from the invention of television in many ways. As a result, it was able to provide cheap entertainment for the average person. Due to their affordability, everyone can now afford television and enjoy entertainment.

We are also kept informed of the latest world events. News from other corners of the world can now be found online. In the same way, television also offers educational programs that improve our knowledge of science and wildlife.

As well as motivating individuals to develop skills, television also encourages them to do so. In addition, they have a variety of programs that show motivational speeches. People are motivated to perform at their peak when they are faced with this situation. As a result of television, we get a wider scope of exposure. In addition to increasing our knowledge of several sports, we learn about national events as well.

Despite its many advantages, television has some disadvantages as well. We will discuss further how television corrupts the minds of youth.

How Television is Harming the Youth?

Television broadcasts inappropriate content, such as violence, eve-teasing, and other social evils. Our health is also adversely affected by it. It is inevitable that your eyesight will deteriorate if you spend hours watching television. You will also experience neck and back pain as a result of your posture.

In addition, it also makes people addicted. Social interaction is avoided when people are addicted to it Because they spend so much time alone in their rooms, and this affects their social lives. Additionally, this addiction renders them vulnerable and makes them too serious about their programs.

Fake news, which is widely circulated on news channels, is the most dangerous of all. In many media channels today, government propaganda is only promoted and citizens are misinformed. Our country is divided by this, which creates a lot of tension and division.


The importance of keeping TV watching under control cannot be overstated. Parents should limit the amount of time their children watch TV and encourage them to play outdoor games. As parents, we shouldn’t accept everything we see on television. In a situation like this, we must be the better judge of the situation and act wisely without being influenced.

300 Word Essay on Television in English


Television is one of the greatest scientific achievements of modern times. Aside from atomic energy and space flight, it is one of the most significant miracles of human invention. These directions cover a wide range of topics.

It does not store or record images. The science of television is highly sophisticated and based on a delicate system of filming and recording. The remote control is more like seeing by remote control. In this way, it achieves both sight and sound at the same time.

Both cinema and broadcasting have been improved here. Television has captured the attention of human eyes. With the aid of television, man can watch, act, hear, and enjoy the world beyond his sight. The science of human communication has certainly undergone a significant revolution.

Knowledge and education have in fact, broader avenues for expansion through television. Television is being used by educational institutions to disseminate knowledge. The U.G.C and I.G.N.O.U programs on T.V. provide crores of viewers with free education to enhance and update skills and knowledge.

The thrill of film and the reality of broadcasting are made realizable at the same time, by this very invention of modern science. It has greatly relieved many people of trouble and labor today. They need not rush to see a cricket match or a tennis match in action.

Television brings the story to life with the full realism of excitement and suspense. They do not stir out, yet enjoyable, without any interruption (unless there is any power cut), the thrill of the field or of the indoor stadium.

Many items may be included in a television program, such as a film show, a theatrical performance, or a musical soiree. In one’s cozy drawing room, one can enjoy all these programs without being bothered by the noise and the crowd.

As with any scientific discovery, there is also a downside to this gift of modern science. People become idle and isolated indirectly. Family members may become aloof from the rest of the world as a result. In the end, this might prove harmful to man’s social instincts.

TV, like cinema, has unfortunate effects on man’s health, especially on his eyesight. Observing television for long periods of time, common in advanced countries, is toxic to the body and the mind.

It is possible that the growing popularity of television will impact the film industry in particular. The screen of their television may provide enough recreation for people to feel less inclined to visit cinemas.

There have always been problems associated with science as well as benefits. Economic and social problems have been caused by television in the modern age in a variety of ways. The achievement of universal knowledge and understanding as well as realizing harmony between living things represents a significant step forward.

A brand-new dimension to our democratic process has been brought about by live coverage of Parliament since 1992. There are millions of voters who monitor the behavior of their representatives in Parliament and assess how they are conducting themselves.

Neither sensationalism nor distorted reporting should be tolerated. Television can help create a healthy atmosphere if it plays a dispassionate role.

350 Word Essay on Television in English


Television and vision are the two words that describe television. Does that mean distant worlds or all those bizarre and beautiful pictures before your eyes?

Hindi calls it Doordarshan for that reason. Radio is considered the oldest form of technology, while television is considered the most advanced. Those who listen to the radio can keep up with all the news of the country and the world and be entertained by various jokes and songs broadcast there.

Television: Its Importance

Every individual has a different view of the television. As cartoon characters have replaced comic book characters on the cartoon channel, children enjoy watching the programs on this channel.

There is no better medium for students to learn, as many educational programs are now broadcast on television, allowing them to gain knowledge and better understand many difficult topics.

Many youths enjoy watching TV shows, movies, and other programs that are broadcast on TV, along with releasing their mental tension.

In their spare time, older people watch television to entertain themselves, and to move towards spirituality through religious programming.

What television has to offer as a disadvantage?

Television also has two sides, just like every coin

The more one watches TV, the more likely one is to lose one’s eyesight, so one should avoid viewing TV much more than is necessary. Watching TV closely also has an adverse effect on one’s eyes.

Heart disease and hypertension are more likely to occur in people who spend most of their time watching TV and sitting in the same posture.

While watching television, many people do not remember their mealtime, so their food and drinks become irregular, and they become ill.

Watching television in your free time is the right thing to do, but wasting time on your favorite show or movie can prevent you from doing meaningful work. It is such a waste of time for students to watch TV during an exam.


In addition to receiving information in every field, we can also gain knowledge about the cultures and traditions of every country through television. Through them, people can be made aware of the issue and guided properly through it.

Television’s development as a big industry has also created employment opportunities in the country and encouraged the economy. It has many benefits, but it has to be viewed accordingly, otherwise, it leads to ill health.

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