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Essay on Uses of Trees – Trees contribute to our environment mainly by taking carbon dioxide (CO2) during the process of photosynthesis. They also provide us with Oxygen, Food, and Medicine and help in Environmental Protection.

By taking in mind the importance of trees in our life, we team GuideToExam is here with a few Essays on the Uses of Trees.

100 Words Essay on Uses of Trees

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We can use trees in different ways like Food, Medicine, etc and they help to filter the water we drink and clean the air we breathe. Trees absorb harmful Carbon elements like Carbo Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), etc. from the atmosphere and they are the key ingredients in more than 25% of all medicines we use.

Trees are the most important part of every community as they increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements into urban settings.

In addition to these, trees have a wide variety of commercial uses also. They provide Timber for building and furniture manufacturing and we can use wood as fuel also.

Long Essay on Uses of Trees

Plant trees as much as you can for natural beauty, to get fresh food items, lumber, firewood, shade, a sound break, and a windbreak. But is it enough? Do you define a tree and need a tree for these benefits only.

Well, I guess, not because I think a tree is a lot more than this. Trees and plants play a vital role in all the living being’s life. And most importantly, they provide us oxygen, which we all breathe, and we all need to live our life.

Well, it is still not enough. So, folks, today I am going to write an article on the uses of trees so that everyone will get aware of how much important the role trees play in our life.

Life would certainly not be possible without tress. So, let’s have a look at the importance of trees in our life.

Importance of Trees

Any community is incomplete without tress. Until and unless trees lined up our streets, backyards, parks, and playgrounds, we don’t get a peaceful environment. Only trees can up bring the quality of our life and bring wildlife habitats to our urban lifestyle. So, save trees to save the earth and live a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, there is no control over technical uses and in industrial work. Though they are making our lifestyle much easier, they are contributing to building excess carbon dioxide (CO2), which is resulting in many health issues.

So, trees remove and store carbon, and absorb carbon dioxide. It releases oxygen in return, which is essential for our life.

Trees also absorb all the pollutant gases like ammonia, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone, which are harmful to us. So, it traps the harmful particles and filters them.

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They also guard us against the downfall of rain, hail, and sleet, which influence the direction and speed of the wind. Trees maintain a low level of carbon dioxide to reduce the heat intensity of the greenhouse effect and also low down the air temperature.

Well, the fallen leaves of trees also play a vital role because they make excellent compost, which enriches the soil.

And as I said, trees are helpful for all living beings, animals like elephants, giraffes, and koalas eat leaves, which provide the proper nourishment. Monkeys prefer to eat flowers, and many insects, birds, and bats prefer nectar.

Well, trees are not only helpful for providing food and shelter, but they also save water. And no doubt, water is also as essential as oxygen in our life. Only fifteen gallons of water is required for newly planted trees per week.

Final Verdict

So, guys, this is all in this article on the uses of trees. Well, no doubt, without trees, our life would be impossible. There are millions of reasons which make trees an important ingredient for our healthy lifestyle. And I have shared some important reasons with your guys. So, save trees save the earth, and plant as many trees as you can for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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