A complete rundown of the ENTIRE Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

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The ENTIRE Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Story Explained

Honestly, it’s a hard one to sum up but basically, evil spirits and people who side with those spirits fight high school kids who can use cursed energy to fight against the evil ghosts. The pink-haired kid is the MC. He has the king of curses inside of him because he ate a finger. The story revolves around Yuji training and trying to eat all of the fingers so he can kill himself and wipe away the king of curses forever. Yeah, that didn’t go to plan.

A complete rundown of the ENTIRE Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

1000 years ago there was this demon who was super strong. He died and put his soul into his indestructible fingers. There was also this brain that could go into people and control them. Also, there’s this girl who brought Buddhism to Japan, who was really good at making up rules that everyone has to magically follow. 200 years ago, the brain did experiments on a woman and gave birth to 9 demon/human hybrids. 15 years ago, the brain hopped into the body of a woman and got pregnant to create the 10th demon/human hybrid. The 10th hybrid ate one of the indestructible fingers and became Naruto, except his talk and no jutsu don’t work. The demon inside the 10th Hybrid plays 5D chess and jumps into the Hybrid’s friend’s body instead, then kills the Hybrid’s teacher who is the strongest person in the world today. Hybrid reunites with the other 9 hybrids and they become brothers. He then presumably ate most of them to gain their powers. Brain ate the Buddhist girl and presumably can magically make rules now also. He watches all the drama unfold while prepping his own plan to merge all humans into one thing, just for fun. Demon is currently killing off the good guys like flies. Brain is doing a stand-up competition with a comedian.

You wanna read some real cope Takaba?

Takaba’s last name in kanji means Historical Elegance, while Takaba’s first name means High Feather (or Taka Wing). Angel wants to send Takaba to fight Kenjaku before the fight between Gojo and Sukuna finishes because Angel knows what Takaba’s power is and she’s essentially creating a save point at that moment (High Feather/Take Wing). If Gojo wins, they would immediately send reinforcements to help Takaba and ensure his power doesn’t activate. If Gojo loses, they would bum-rush Sukuna instead and let Kenjaku kill Takaba, because… Takaba’s power is actually to view JJK world as a show, and he’s the director so he can change the script by inserting events or removing events from the past until he’s satisfied with the result (Historical Elegance). Essentially, every time Takaba makes a “cut” in the past, he can go back to that point and choose a more favorable option. He can also “add” stuff to the timeline, like “adding” the actions that he put a bandana on Kenjaku, choosing to follow this version of events, and then “cutting” out the actions he added. Even we the readers cannot see the events that Takaba has “cut” out because he basically “cut” out that sequence of events universally for everyone, so it looks like the bandana just appeared spontaneously. So here’s what’s going to happen. The Protag team is gonna do the best they can to stall Sukuna after Gojo dies to prevent Kenjaku’s merger from taking place, buying time for Takaba to solo fight Kenjaku. Kenjaku is going to eventually figure out what he thinks Takaba’s power is and push Takaba to the brink of death. Takaba is going to realize that coming to fight Kenjaku was a mistake and “Cut” the sequence of events where he was walking towards Kenjaku, so he doesn’t have to fight him. Do you know when that happened? Yes, that was probably around the time when Kenjaku trapped the curly-haired girl in the bubble and fought Hazenoki. Do you know what else happened around that time? Maybe something else that we the reader also never got to see actually happened?

Kenjaku’s to-do list:

  • Hunt down the remaining Culling Games players (except Bernard who’ll one-shot me).
  • Experiment with a purifying bath.
  • Throw darts at the Yuta dartboard (feels right for some reason).
  • Work on Jin’s body pillow.
  • Think about what I missed out on when I abandoned Jin.
  • Reminisce about the past.
  • Realizing being a mom wasn’t so bad.
  • Take hormone blockers to repress thoughts.
  • Try to steal Gojo’s body.

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