A Complete Rundown of the Entire The One Piece Manga

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The Entire The One Piece Story Explained

The One Piece, known as Roger’s treasure is the will left by Joyboy .. so it’s nothing but the piece of history that the world government has buried in their lies.

But let’s start at the beginning:

Any writer (comic or not) takes inspiration from “real” events. Throughout our history, we have told stories of general culture, and Oda is no different.

Just think of the thriller Bark saga and the famous Bermuda Triangle.

Oda did not create the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, he only used it in his story.

This general rule applies to most things in One Piece.. like Joyboy..

We still don’t know much about One Piece’s character: the treasure we thought was left by Roger belonged to Joyboy. He could write Poneglyphs he wrote a letter of apology for not keeping his promise to the fishermen.

Focus on the phrase “royal legend.”

Because in reality Joyboy’s character is inspired by King Joyoboyo. This real-life character unifies a kingdom and rules with justice and intelligence.

but most of all he is known for his prophecies, the most famous among them is:

“One day the white men would establish their dominion over Java and oppress the people for many years, until the arrival of the yellow men from the north. These “yellow dwarves” should have stayed on the island for a crop cycle and then left, freeing Java from foreign dominance.”

Indonesians believe that this Joyoboyo prophecy came true when the Japanese (yellow dwarves) freed them from the whites (Dutch) and offered them independence on August 9, 1945. All of this is part of a story that happened.

Now ..during the saga of Skypiea .. we discover that part of the island of Jaya (changing a single letter we get “Java”) has been carried up into the sky!

What happens in the sky?

Luffy and his crew defeated God Eneru (the white man) who enslaved the people of heaven. One day the white men would establish their dominion over Java and oppress the people for many years. This was until the yellow men arrived from the north.

Freeing the Sky People and Jaya herself. The land that God Eneru and his followers made private. These “yellow dwarves” should have stayed on the island for a crop cycle and then left, freeing Java from foreign dominance.”

Just like Joyoboyo’s prophecy.

Oda therefore uses elements that bear on the true history of the world. This means that by recognizing the same story Oda uses, we can deduce the comic story Oda wants to tell.

Returning to Joyboy and his prophecies then .. the one connected to Jaya doesn’t stop at liberating Java from foreigners.

He says: “When the iron chariots move without horses and the ships sail in the sky, Ratu Adil will save and reunite Indonesia, ushering in the dawn of an era of the golden age.”

Ratu Adil in Javanese means Righteous King, and Joyoboyo in the past was considered a Ratu Adil (a righteous king).

So, we can assume that this Ratu Adil is JoyBoy. However, in the Joyboy era, the ships did not sail in the sky and the chariots were still pulled by horses.

We can assume then that it was Roger … after all, it ushered in the new era of piracy. But I don’t think ships ever flew during his era, and also he didn’t save or unify any kingdoms.

Actually from what we understand from Roger’s flashbacks, both he and Joyboy simply learned about the story and the prophecy itself. However, neither of them could perform the heroic deeds narrated by the prophecy since both were born in the wrong era.

For example, when Roger flies to the sky, Skypeople is not yet under the rule of Eneru. This means that Roger’s timing is the only thing keeping him from fulfilling the prophecy. He was not the man destined for that prophecy, his purpose was another. He had to pass on the One Piece story. The very story he learned from Joyboy by reading the Poneglyphs.

In the manga, Inuarashi says that it would be best to learn about the mystery of the pyneglyphs and ancestral weapons on the island known as Laugh Tale.

Their journey made that destination unrewardable.

Why? Because thanks to Roger they already know what’s on the island.

The One Piece.

And thanks to Robin we discovered the Poneglyphs.

But before we visited Wano, we didn’t even know that the one piece was linked to the Poneglyphs. Or that some of them led to the last island.

I mean, the fact that there are some Poneglyphs that when read together show the route to the last island where One Piece should be, tells us everything we need to know.

Roger hasn’t put treasure on the island since the beginning.

He has only come to discover the treasure left by Joyboy .. and used his death to bring the whole world to discover that same treasure.

That is the void of the world government’s hundred years.

Or better yet, a way to be truly free.

So how did things get along?

Joyboy could have foreseen the future.

Probably its purpose was to unite all peoples into one magnificent kingdom without different social classes. The promise made to the mermaid princess at the time concerned transporting all sea creatures to the surface. This was done through Noah and using the mermaid’s powers, to unify earth, sea, and sky.

(We will understand why Noah was so important to him.)


I assume Joyboy saw a terrible future. He probably saw the same demise of his people and his freedom ideals at the hands of the organization known today as the World Government.

It is the truth of those hundred years that the government is afraid of. What did they do to rise to power?

So … What do they do? They exterminated the entire kingdom ruled by Joyboy, the righteous King who wanted to unify all peoples under freedom.

How? With the Pluton weapon, which they created.

Why didn’t Joyboy use Poseidon and Uranus to defeat them? Probably because despite knowing Poseidon, Uranus was not yet born. Therefore, Uranus deduced that not only would they still lose to Pluton, but that Poseidon would also fall into the hands of the government.

Remember that Pluton was created to stand up to two ancestral weapons. So with only Poseidon available, there was no chance of winning.

I assume this was also the time he predicted that a new righteous King would challenge the world.

So to be sure that the world government did not succeed in getting rid of his ideals completely, thanks to the people of Wano he created the Poneglyphs, scattering them around the world.

Roger embarks on his adventure and discovers Joyboy’s “treasure”. But he, too, finds himself tied, from being born in the wrong era. The upcoming Poseidon is not yet born after all. So he decides to be captured by the navy (knowing his death is near) and with his last words creates a cyclone capable of shaking the whole world to find what is now also his treasure. The One Piece.

What is the One Piece?

I’ve always found it curious how Oda interrupts Clover from saying the name of the magnificent kingdom that the world government destroyed.

I mean why not say it? This name cannot change the enormity of everything the old man said. He had accused them of making that kingdom disappear, even saying that that kingdom had created the Poneglyphs to preserve their history… so what difference would it make to know the kingdom’s name?

Unless the name of the destroyed kingdom was not already known… One Piece. Roger’s famous treasure.

This would explain why the old man is interrupted and Robin’s city is destroyed. They got too close to the truth. After all, why should Roger name his treasure “One Piece?”

Unless it’s really “one piece” of missing history.

To sum up, One Piece is the missing piece of an ancient kingdom’s history that would ensure freedom to

JoyBoy probably ran this kingdom and could foresee the future. He saw their defeat at the hands of the association known today as the World Government. He then decided to transcribe the will of their dream into the Poneglyphs (which are indestructible) in the belief that one day someone would succeed in what he failed.

What other connections can we assume from all this?

First of all the mystery about D’s so-called will.

At this point, it makes sense to me to think that the D clan are the ancestors of Joyboy’s reign.

Otherwise, why would Whitebeard say “The man Roger was waiting for is not you, Teach?”

I mean why take Teech as a possibility in the first place? Maybe because he too has the D in the name?

He’s saying that even if you’re part of that bloodline… you’re not the man Roger was waiting for, and the reason is quite simple. Exactly like the other emperors Teech wants to “rule”

On the contrary, Luffy just wants to be free, which takes up the whole matter of what Joyboy wants to achieve … which is absolute freedom for all people.

Also, the will of the D .. could simply be “the will to Dream.”

In fact, during Skypiea, Robin found an inscription that reads:

“Keep thy motives in heart, with a closed mouth. We are those who will weave history with the ringing of the great belfry.”

It’s a cryptic statement and I don’t know if my interpretation is right, but..with “keep thy motives in heart, with the closed mouth”

It could mean “keep the dreams in your heart and don’t talk about them”

Why? Cause the lost kingdom probably shared his liberal ideas with the other kingdoms and this led to his demise. So, warns future generations to keep their dreams, (their will) to themselves.

Teech makes a similar speech the first time he meets Luffy, Zoro, and Nami about dreams.

Even Dragon in his first introduction talks about how inherited willpower and dreams cannot be stopped, as long as people are thirsty for freedom.

There is no point in talking about Luffy’s dream or how much he respects the dreams of anyone he meets on his path. (well except for his enemies).

Anyway..goes on with “We are those who will weave history with the ringing of the great belfry”

Now “weave history” could be interpreted in the dramatic term of unfolding history. So we are those who will unfold history (HOW?) “with the ringing of the great belfry”

I think the last sentence is Oda’s way of playing between what he already knows and what we’re going to connect once One Piece is revealed.

I mean, Luffy’s willingness to ring that bell, (skypiea) just to let Mont Blanc Cricket know that the story he knows is true, is a kind of prelude to what’s to come.

Cause, at the end of the game, Luffy will have to unearth the story of the ancient kingdom and make the whole world believe that it is true!

So in Skypiea by ringing that golden bell, Luffy has already become the “righteous king” that Joyboy had predicted and that Roger was waiting for. This is because he showed the truth about a story that everyone believed to be a lie.

Just like finding the one piece and discovering the lost kingdom will lead him to reveal the truth about those years of darkness.

I guess what I’m saying is that assuming that the clan of D are the ancestors of the lost kingdom and that they inherited the will to dream of a free world, is not so risky. Especially if we consider that the clan of D has been defined as the enemies of the Gods.

In One Piece the gods are none other than the nobles of Mariejois, ancestors of the twenty kingdoms that built the world government, and enemies of the lost kingdom.

So it’s safe to say that the clan of D is the enemy of the nobles in Mariejois.

Oda also gives us a clue to this fact in Skypiea, when Nami finds herself thinking that Luffy is Eneru’s natural enemy.

As we said, Eneru is playing the part of God and Luffy is a descendant of the D clan.

So, the Skypiea arch was nothing more than a prelude to what will happen in the future. And what exactly will happen?

We said that the One Piece would reveal the story of this fallen kingdom, but what was the dream of this kingdom? What did this kingdom want to do that was so unthinkable that twenty kingdoms united against him?

What was the last adventure that not even Roger was able to do?

What we know for sure is that it had to do with the so-called ancestral weapons. That’s why Roger asks Madame Shirley when the next mermaid princess will be born.

But what was Joyboy going to do with the ancestral weapons?

He wanted to free the world using the strength of these weapons .. but how?

Luckily for us, Oda has already answered this question as well.

Look how the world of one piece is divided.

practically the only thing that really separates the world in One Piece is the Red line.

If Joyboy’s aim was indeed to free the world, then a huge piece of land separating it in two could certainly be a problem, don’t you think?

Not to mention that the sacred land of Mary Geoise is right on the Red Line.

Will you make me believe that it is just a coincidence that the ancestors of those who opposed the lost kingdom resided in one piece of land that divided the world in half?

I don’t believe in coincidences.

So what do we know about the Red Line?

“The Red Line is said to be 10,000 meters deep from ocean level to Fish-man island.”

“At the same time, it is high enough above sea level to be considered impassable, and it is indestructible, meaning that it is almost impossible to pass over it or under it without using either of the entrances.”

“While the continent appears impossible for any boat wishing to cross between the seas or to certain sections of the Grand Line, there are certain pass points at which a ship can cross between the Blues: going up the waterways of Reverse M. (typically used by pirates to enter the Grand Line), gaining government permission from the holy government land of Mary Geoise, or submerging into an underwater passageway leading to fish-man island, which is placed around a hole that links directly between Paradise and the New World.”

Now, let’s look at three really important points:

1) “The only safe way to cross the Red Line is to ask permission from the nobles.”

2) the Red Line is considered indestructible.

3) it is located right above Fish-Man Island.

We cannot ignore the fact that it is so difficult to move from one part of the world to another because there is this indestructible wall and only with permission from the nobles, ordinary people can cross it.

Clearly, the Red Line is an obstacle to people’s freedom of choice. So, from coming to understand this fact and thinking that Joyboy just wanted to destroy this huge piece of land to allow people complete freedom to go wherever they want, the step is very short.

Also, the fact that Mary Geoise is located right above the Red line is one more clue to this theory. After the defeat of the lost kingdom, the twenty kingdoms could have placed their headquarters right in the middle of the reason why they united.

But how to destroy something that is considered indestructible?

Thanks to the ancestral weapons.

Joyboy wanted to use the power of Poseidon and Uranus to finally destroy the Red Line, giving everyone the absolute freedom to move from one part of the world to another.

Roger, once he understands Joyboy’s intentions, begins his journey again in search of the ancestral weapons, but fails. So before his death, he encouraged the world to find his treasure.

All this huge hypothesis is connected to Madame Shirley’s vision.

Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, no doubt. Because the island itself is located below the red line.

This means that when Luffy destroys the Red Line, the fishman’s island will be crushed by the rubble from the Red Line. And that’s why Noah will be needed. The boat will be the refuge for all sea creatures and also their home until they find new accommodation on the surface.

Oda anticipates the destruction of the Red Line in more ways than one.

First of all in Lavoon’s story:

The young whale beat against the red line in an attempt to destroy it, well aware that his companions are on the other side In fact, if there was no red line, he would not have to go around the world just to see his teammates again.

Luffy burns the world government flag.

The shape of the flag recalls the division that is present in the world due to the Red Line. So Luffy destroying the flag is not only a way he declare war on the government, but also a prelude to what he will do after he finds the one piece.

Mingo says there is only one throne .. and everyone wants it.

Luffy will destroy that throne when he destroys the Red Line.

Because the king of pirates doesn’t need a throne.

As I said earlier, the key difference between Luffy and any other pirate on the One Piece route is that Luffy doesn’t want to rule.

He just wants to be free… that’s why among all the men who have taken the sea, in finding the one piece Luffy will be the only one who wants to use the ancestral weapons to destroy the Red Line and not to have control over all the seas.

And basically, that’s it.

The one-piece will be the last piece of history that will reveal the dream of the D clan.

Ps: with the destruction of the Red Line, all oceans would converge in one point, this would create Sanji’s all blue.

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