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Article on Gender bias in India:- Gender bias or gender discrimination is a vital problem in society. Today Team GuideToExam is here with some short articles on Gender bias in India.

These articles on gender discrimination or gender bias can also be used to prepare a speech on gender bias in India.

50 Words Article on Gender bias in India

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Gender bias is discrimination towards people based on their gender. gender bias is a common issue in most underdeveloped and developing countries. Gender bias is a belief that one gender is inferior to other.

An individual should be judged as per his/her merit or skills. But in different parts of our country, a particular gender (generally males) is considered superior to others. Gender bias disturbs the sentiment and development of a society. Thus it should be removed from society.

200 Words Article on Gender bias in India

Gender bias is a social evil that discriminates against people according to their gender. gender bias in India is an alarming problem in the country.

We are in the 21st century. We claim that we are advanced and civilized. But social evils like gender bias still exist in our society.  Today women are equally competing with men.

We have 33% reservations for women in our country.  We can find women working successfully in different fields in our country.  It is nothing but a blind belief that women are not equal to men.

In modern times we have lacs of female doctors, engineers, lawyers, and teachers in our country  In a male dominating society, people don’t want to admit the fact that women are equal to men. 

We should try our level best to remove this social evil from our society. In some backward societies, a girl child is still considered a burden.  But those people forget the fact that he/she is the son or daughter of a woman. 

The government cannot do anything alone to remove this evil.  We all should stand against this social evil.

Long Article on Gender bias in India

When the census figures for the year 2011 were released one of the most shocking revelations was that the number of females for every 1000 males is 933. This is a result of female foeticide and female infanticide. 

Female foeticide is a result of pre-natural sex determination followed by selective female fetus abortion.  Sometimes female infanticide takes place when the newly born girl is a child. 

Gender bias is so deeply ingrained in the Indian system that the discrimination between a girl and a boy begins right from the time a couple plans a baby.

In most Indian families, the birth of a baby boy is considered a blessing and that it warrants a grand celebration. In contrast to this, the birth of a girl child is considered a burden and is thus, unwelcomed.

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Daughters are considered a liability right from the time of their birth and treated as inferior to sons.  The resources provided to a son for his growth and development are of greater magnitude as compared to those provided to a daughter. 

The moment a girl child is born, parents start thinking of the huge amount of dowry that they have to pay at the time of her marriage. On the other hand, a son is believed to carry forward the legacy of the family. 

A son is considered to be a potential head of the family whereas it is believed that the only duty of a girl is to bear and rear children and her life should be confined to the four walls of the house as far as education is concerned, spending on girls’ education is considered a burden.

The girl child’s choices are limited and curtailed by the parents and she is denied the freedom that is given to her brothers.

Though awareness about gender bias in India is growing, it will take a long time for this awareness to transform into a social change. For gender bias in India to become a social change increasing literacy is a must.

Essay on Importance of Education

While it is true that today women have proved their worth as astronauts, pilots, scientists, doctors, engineers, mountaineers, sportspeople, teachers, administrators, politicians, etc.  But there are still millions of women who face discrimination at every juncture of their life. 

As it is said charity begins at home.  Hence social change also must begin at home. In order to remove gender bias in India, parents need to empower both sons and daughters so that they can live their lives free from the feathers of gender bias in India.

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