150, 300, And 500 Words Essay On Crime In English

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Criminality and crime have become extremely prevalent in recent years due to their interconnected tendencies. The fact that these tendencies are on the rise has been exposed in numerous credible sources, including news articles and news reports.

150 Essay on Crime in English

Law punishes criminal behavior, which is generally viewed as evil. The term “crime” is used to describe a wide variety of unlawful behaviors. In addition to murder, auto theft, resisting arrest, illegal drug possession, being naked in public, drunk driving, and robbery of a bank are some crimes that can be committed. Since the beginning of time, crime has been a timeless act.

The severity of a crime is typically determined by whether it is considered a felony or misdemeanor. There is generally a much higher level of seriousness associated with felonies than with misdemeanors. A felony is a crime punishable by death or imprisonment for a period of longer than one year under federal criminal law. 

Fines or prison time for a misdemeanor are the only punishments. A person convicted of a felony usually serves time in state prison. A person convicted of a misdemeanor usually serves time in a jail or correctional facility in their city or county.

300 Essay on Crime in English

Criminal activity is defined as an action, work, or task that is illegal according to the law. It is possible to be jailed or penalized for doing this work, acting, or doing these activities. We should avoid these activities completely and should file complaints against anyone engaged in them. 

In light of the fact that these activities are considered an offense, raising awareness about them seems like the right thing to do. It is illegal to engage in these activities. A monetary fine or a jail sentence can be imposed as punishment.

Young children are also seen engaging in criminal activities, which is very sad. Due to their young age and backgrounds, these children do not have enough knowledge about what the crime is, how severe the punishment is, or what’s involved with it. 

Their punishment and fine are unknown to them. Although they had previously engaged in such activities, their actions did not get caught. This can lead to them becoming more confident and continuing to do these kinds of activities in the future.

As a result, it becomes very difficult to identify and assist such children. A number of steps have already been taken in order to ensure school attendance and that no child labor is allowed. 

Education is provided free of charge to children. Such children can remain in school and be educated if they receive a free lunch at lunchtime. Curriculums and textbooks are continually revised so that they can meet society’s demands. In addition, it should be prohibited to steal, hit, or threaten someone as a form of criminal activity.

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500 Essay on Crime in English

Crime has become a major issue in today’s world. There is a great deal of impact on society as a result of it. Having the word criminal associated with someone who has done some awful things in the past is something that makes us feel something is wrong. This is because it is used to describe someone who is irresponsible in society.

Crime is defined as any offense that violates the Constitution or does not follow it, and even minor offenses may qualify an individual as a criminal. A violation of a traffic light, for example, is a signal violation.

It was just a signal, so why is it a crime?” Well, if a motorist is crossing the road and a motorcycle violates the signal, they both will fall. Pedestrians fell as a result of motorcyclists disobeying traffic signals. Due to this, disobeying traffic signals is also illegal.

When we were younger, we judged people so quickly that we didn’t even consider the needs of criminals. The only way we can judge them is by their current behavior since we have no idea what history or situation they are suffering through at the moment. One does not even attempt to determine why the individual acted the way he did or what the scenario was.

No matter if the crime was the result of misunderstandings or mistakes, it is still a crime. It is pertinent to punish the perpetrators of injustice because the government and law will not tolerate them.

There are many crimes committed in India, including terrorism, molestation, and ragging, among others. It has a large population, and its crime rate is ranked 12th in the world.

India is currently dealing with some of the most serious crimes in the world. Since there are so many people in India, handling all of the difficulties and problems that arise in everyday life will take some time. The government is working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Generally, minor crimes include things such as stealing bank accounts, accessing someone’s social media, posting rubbish, etc. The police must be notified of these small crimes that we see on a regular basis.


Crimes and criminals are both directly related to human behavior, so it is impossible to predict their behaviors and tendencies. Crimes can be prevented, but the rest of the world’s crimes cannot be controlled.

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