Essay on importance of education in our life

Essay on importance of education in our life

Essay on importance of education in our life: – We all know the importance of education in our life. It is also said that the modern age is the age of education. Today Team GuideToExam brings to you a few essays on the importance of education. You can also use these essays to prepare an article on the need of education or a speech on importance of education as well.

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Essay on importance of education in our life

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Essay on importance of education in our life

(Importance of Education Essay in 50 Words)

We all know the value of education in our life. The word education comes from the Latin word educare that means ‘to bring us’. Yes, education brings us up in society. Education is very much necessary to grow up in the society. Simply education means the process of earning knowledge. We can’t deny the importance of education in our life. The life without education is like a boat without a rudder. Thus we all should understand the value of education and try to educate ourselves.

Essay on importance of education in our life

(Importance of Education Essay in 100 Words)

We all are aware of the importance of education. In order to go ahead in society, education is very necessary. Education is a process that helps a person grow his mental strength. It also improves the personality of a man. Basically, our education system is divided into two sections; formal education and informal education. We earn formal education from schools, colleges. On the other hand, our life teaches us a lot. That is informal education. The formal education or school education is categorized into three sections; the primary education, secondary education, and higher secondary education. Education plays a vital role in our life. So we all should be aware of the importance of education in our life and try to earn it to upgrade our life.

Essay on importance of education in our life

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Essay on importance of education in our life

(Importance of Education Essay in 150 Words)

In this competitive world, we all know the importance of education in our life. Education plays a vital role in shaping our life and personality. Education is very important for getting good position and jobs in society. Education opens many ways of success in or life. It not only improves our personality but also upgrades us mentally, spiritually, intellectually. Every person wants to get success in his/her life. But success can be got only through earning proper education.

At the very early stage of life, a kid dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, IAS officer. Parents also want to see their kid as a doctor, lawyer or a higher level officer. This can be possible only when the child gets a proper education. In our society, the higher officials, doctors, engineers are respected by all. They are respected for their education. So it can be concluded that the importance of education in our life is immense and we all need to earn it to get success in our life.

Essay on importance of education in our life

(Importance of Education Essay in 200 Words)

It is said that education is the key to success. Education plays a vital role in our life. Human life is full of challenges. Education reduces the stress and challenges of our life. Generally, education is a process of gaining knowledge. The knowledge a person gets through education helps him in coping with the challenges in his life. It opens the various ways of life that have been draped earlier.

The importance of education in life is immense. It strengthens the base of a society. Education plays a vital role in removing superstition from society. A child involves in the process of education from his tender age. A mother teaches her child how to speak, how to walk, how to eat etc. It is also a part of education. Gradually the child is admitted in school and starts to earn formal education. His success in life depends on how much education he/she gets in his career.

In our country, the government provides free education to students up to secondary level. A country can’t be developed in a proper way if the citizens of the country are not well educated. Thus our government is trying to conduct different awareness programs in different remote areas of the country and trying to make the people aware about the importance of education.

Long Essay on importance of education in our life

(Importance of Education Essay in 400 Words)

Introduction to importance of education essay: – Education is an essential ornament that can lead us to success. Generally, the term education means a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or college. According to Prof. Herman H. Horn ‘education is a perennial process of adjustment’. The importance of education in our life is immense. Life can’t be got success without having an education. In this modern world, all who have attained success are well educated.

Long Essay on importance of education in our life

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Types of Education: – Mainly there are three types of education; formal, informal and non-formal education. Formal education is earned from school, colleges or universities. A child gets admitted in kinder garden and gradually he goes through secondary, higher secondary, university and earns formal education in his life. Formal education follows the specific syllabus and it is also entitled with certain sets of specific rules and regulations.

Informal education can be earned throughout our life. It doesn’t follow any specific syllabus or time table. For example, our parents teach us how to cook food, how to ride a bicycle. We don’t want any institution to earn an informal education. We earn informal education as our lives go on.

Another type of education is non-formal education. Non-formal education is a type of education that occurs outside the formal school system. Non-formal education is often used interchangeably with terms such as community education, adult education, continuing education, and second-chance education.

Importance of education: – Education is important in every sphere of life. In today’s era success can never be imagined without education. Education is important for the socio-economic development of a nation. Education opens our mind and shows us different paths of success and prosperity. Life brings to us different challenges. But education helps us in dealing with those challenges. Education also removes different social evils like superstitions, child marriage, dowry system etc. from our society. As a whole, we can’t deny the value of education in our life.

Conclusion: – According to Nelson Mandela Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. Yes, education helps in the rapid development of the world. Human civilization has developed a lot only because of the growth of literacy rate. It also improves the standard of living. Education always plays a significant role in nation building.

Long Essay on Importance of Education in our life

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”Aristotole

Education is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits are transferred from one generation to another. Education is important for all-round development of human being like personal, social and economic development of the nation. Talking on importance of education in our life, we must say that it improves our personal lives and helps societies to run smoothly by protecting ourselves from harmful events.

Types of education 

There are mainly three types of education, namely, Formal education, Informal education, and Non-formal education.

Formal Education – Formal education is basically a process of learning where a person learns basic, academic or trade skills. Formal education or formal learning begins at the elementary level and it continues till college or university level. It comes under a certain set of rules and regulations and it may grant a formal degree after completion of the course. It is given by specially qualified teachers and under strict discipline.

Informal Education – Informal education is the type of education in where people are not studying in a specific school or college or do not use any particular learning method. A father teaching his son how to ride a bicycle or a mother teaching his son/daughter how to cook also comes under this category of Informal Education. A person can take his informal education by reading some books from a library or educational website. Unlike formal education, informal education has no definite syllabus and specific time period.

Non-formal Education – Programs like adult basic education, adult literacy education comes under Non-formal Education. Non-formal education includes home education, distance learning, fitness program, community-based adult education courses etc. Non-formal education has no age limit and the time table and syllabus of these types of education can be adjustable. Moreover, it has no age limit.

Importance of education in our life –

Education is important for personal development and socio economic development of the nation. Education is important to live happily as it empowers our minds to conceive good thoughts and ideas.

In order to remove corruption, unemployment and environmental problems, education is necessary. Education makes huge chance in national development process as the standard of living of the citizens largely dependent on the level of education. Now let’s look at the following points to understand why education is becoming as one of the most important part of our life.

  1. Education helps us to acquire new skills and thus it becomes easier for us to do our day to day life activities in best possible ways.
  2. Education is important to raise a person’s standard of living because it gives us all the necessary tools and awareness about how we can increase our earnings using our knowledge.
  3. An educated person can easily identify right from the wrong and good from the bad as it gives him knowledge about ethical and moral responsibilities.
  4. Education is important for a balanced society because an educated person respects everyone who is elder than him.

Importance of education in society –

Education is important for our society because it improves our personal lives and helps societies to run smoothly. Education teaches us how to live in our society with ethical values. It helps our society to progress further and live a quality life.

Importance of education in student life –

Education is one of the most important things in a student’s life. It helps students to do analysis while making important life decisions. Here, we are trying to enlist some of the important points why education is important in a student’s life.

  1. Education is essential for selecting a good career. A good career gives us financial freedom along with mental satisfaction.
  2. Education helps us to improve our communication skills such as speech, body language etc.
  3. Education helps us to use technology in better way in this era of rapid technological development.
  4. Education helps students to become self dependent and build a great confidence among them to accomplish difficult tasks.

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Essay on importance of education in our life

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