How to Not Get Distracted While Studying


There is a common problem among the students. They usually get distracted While studying.They try to concentrate or focus on study, but sometimes they get distracted to many things during their study hours. That not only divert their attention from their books but also harm their academic career.They will be benefited if they know How to Not Get Distracted While Studying.Today we, the team GuideToExam brings to you a complete solution or way to get rid of those distractions.As a whole, after reading this article you will definitely find the answer to your question How to not get distracted while studying.

How to Not Get Distracted While Studying

Dear students, don’t you want to know how to make yourself focus on studying? How to get good marks or grades in examinations? Obviously, you want. But many of you don’t perform well in the examinations as you don’t cover your syllabus within the stipulated period of time. Some students unnecessarily waste their study hours as they easily get distracted while studying. In order to get good marks or grade in the examinations, you need to focus only on study rather than wasting time on unnecessary things. Being a student you always want to know how to make yourself focus on studying? But in order to focus on the study at first, you need to learn How to Not Get Distracted While Studying. In order to make the study beneficial, you need to avoid distractions during study hours.

Here is a speech by very motivational speaker Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. After watching this video you will come to know how easy it is to avoid distractions while studying or How to Not Get Distracted While Studying


Distraction Caused by Noise

A student can easily get distracted by unexpected noise during study hours. A noisy atmosphere is not suitable for a student to continue his study. If a student hears a noise while studying he will definitely get distracted and he or she will not be able to concentrate on his/her books. Thus in order to make study fruitful or to focus on study one should choose a calm and quite place. Students are always advised to read their books in the early morning or at night because usually early morning or night hours are noiseless in comparison to other parts of a day. In that period there is little chance of getting distracted by noise and so they can focus on study.In order to not get distracted by noise while studying you should choose the quietest place in the house. Besides the other members of the family should be told to try not to make noise nearby the room in which you are busy with your books. In a noisy atmosphere, you can use a headphone and can listen to soft music in order to not distract while studying. Using headphones make it easier to concentrate as it blocks out other sounds around you.

The distraction caused by Atmosphere

In order to make it a complete article on How to Not Get Distracted While Studying we must mention this point.A good or suitable atmosphere is very much necessary in order to not get distracted during study hours. The place or room in which a student reads should be neat and clean. As we know that a neat and clean place always attracts us. So you should keep your reading room neat and clean.

How to not get distracted by mobile phone while studying

avoid distraction caused by mobile

The most important gadget in our daily life mobile phones helps us to learn as well as can distract us from our works or studies. Suppose you are about to start your lessons, suddenly your mobile phone beeps, immediately you attend the phone and notice that there is a text message from one of your friends. You have spent a few minutes with him. Again you decide that you should check your Facebook notifications. After almost an hour you will realize that you have already spent a lot of time. But in an hour you could have completed a chapter or two.

Actually, you don’t want to waste your time intentionally, but your mobile has diverted your attention to an another world. Sometimes you also want to avoid distractions while studying. But you don’t find a way how to not get distracted by mobile phone while studying. Let’s have a look at some points to find an answer to your question “how to not get distracted while studying” by mobile phone—

  • Put your mobile in do not disturb mood. In almost every smartphone there a feature in which all the notifications can be blocked or muted for a period of time. You can do this during your study hours.
  • Place your phone in another area of the room in which you are studying so that you cannot notice the phone while it flashes.
  • You can upload a status in your Whats App or Facebook that you will be too busy to attend phone calls or reply text message for an hour or two.
  • Tell your friends that don’t keep your mobile with you from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (time will be as per your schedule). Then there will not be any calls or messages from your friends during that period of time and you will be able to focus on your study without getting diverted to your mobile phone.

How to stop getting distracted by thoughts

Sometimes you can be distracted by thoughts during your study hours. In your thoughts, you spend a lot of time during your study hours that can waste your valuable time. In order to focus on the study, you need to know How to stop getting distracted by thoughts while studying. Most of our thoughts are intentional. You should remain conscious during your study hours and whenever a thought comes to your mind you should immediately control yourself. We can omit this problem with the help of our will power. Nothing but only your strong willpower can control your wandering mind.

How to concentrate on studies when sleepy

 It is a common question among the students. Many students feel sleepy when they sit in their study table for long hours. In order to get success, a student should work hard. He or She needs to study at least 5/6 hours a day. During the day hours, students don’t get much time to study as they have to attend a school or private classes. That is why most of the students prefer to read at night. But some students feel sleepy when they sit to study at night. Don’t worry we can get rid of this problem. You can get rid of this problem by following these tips-How to Not Get Distracted While Studying

  • Don’t study at the bed.Some students prefer to study at bed especially at night. But this utmost comfort makes them sleepy.
  • Take light dinner at night. A belly full dinner (at night) makes us sleepy and lazy as well.
  • When you fell sleepy you can move around the room for a minute or two. That will make you active again and you can concentrate or focus on your studies.
  • If possible you can also take a nap in the afternoon so that you can study at night for long hours.
  • Students who feel sleepy during the study at night should not use table lamp. When you use a table lamp, most of the area of the room remains in dark. A bed in dark always tempts us to go to sleep.

This is all about how to not get distracted while studying for today. We have tried to cover as much as possible in this article. If any other causes are left unintentionally please feel free to remind in the comment section. We will try to discuss your point in the next article Team GuideToExam


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