New Jeans And Hybe New Girls Group Members, Ages, Profiles & Debut

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Kpop Girl Group 2023: HYBE Corporation is one of the largest and most popular entertainment companies in South Korea, and they have introduced a brand-new Kpop girl group named New Jeans. A new music video was released yesterday by the Kpop Girl Group New Jeans. K-pop has been buzzing since the release of New Jeans. New Jeans Kpop Girl Group 2023 is the topic of this article. Find out more about New Jeans Kpop Girl Group 2023, Hybe New Girl Group Members. This includes New Jeans Kpop Girl Group Members, Age, Profile, Debut of New Jeans Kpop Girl Group Group 2023, and Hybe New Girl Group Members. 

New Jeans K-pop Girl Group Members

With Le Sserafim’s contentious debut and subsequent success on the HYBE label (All Doors One Room), HYBE appears to be preparing for the debut of its second girl group under its subsidiary label ADOR. On July 22, HYBE and ADOR released the pre-debut single “Attention” featuring the five members of the upcoming female group NewJeans.

Who are the members of NewJeans?

The band NewJeans are promoted so they can become contemporary idols, according to Hee-jin. NewJeans strives to always be fashionable, just like a high-quality pair of jeans. According to Min Hee-jin, NewJeans will emulate jeans’ adaptability to everyday wear. In addition to indicating the group’s status as a new-age K-pop group, the play on “New Genes” in the group’s name signifies a double meaning.

New Jeans Girl Group Members Names

Five members make up HYBE sub-label ADOR’s new girl group New Jeans, which features the first Vietnamese female idol in K-pop and four Koreans. The Korean-based group New Jeans has four members and one Australian member, which broadens its appeal beyond the country. From the 18-year-old Maknae to the 14-year-old Maknae (in international age terms), the New Jeans members range in age.

Kim Min-ji

  • Kim Min-Ji was born in Korea. She was born in 2004 and hence a 2004 liner.


  • Hani was born in Vietnam. She was born in 2004 and hence a 2004 liner.


  • Danielle was born in Australia. But her nationality is Korean. She was born in 2005, so she is a 2005 liner.


  • Hae-rin was born in Korea. She was born in 2006, so she is a 2006 liner.

Lee Hye-in

  • Lee Hye-in was born in Korea. She was born in 2008, hence a 2008 liner.

New Jeans Girl Group Members Ages

  • Kim Min-ji 18 years old.
  • Hani 18-year-old.
  • Danielle 17-year-old.
  • Hae-rin 16-year-old.
  •  Lee Hye-in 14-year-old.

New Jeans Hybe Members

HYBE is treating their upcoming female group much more seriously following the incidents involving their six-member girl group Le Sserafim and ex-member Garam. HYBE and ADOR have also released NewJeans’ upcoming debut album’s track listing. Their debut will be on August 1 with the release of their mini-album, which includes “Cookie,” their title track.

New Jeans Kpop Girl Group 2023

A new Kpop girl band called New Jeans has just debuted. The group consists of five members. A subsidiary label of HYBE, ADOR, formed the group. After Le Serafim, this is HYBE’s second girl group. A new female Kpop group, New Jeans, made their debut yesterday with the pre-debut song “Attention.” The group then released its second video, Hype Boy, after Attention. Soon, they will release their third music video, Hurt. An extended play will accompany their debut MV Cookie, due for release on August 1, 2022.


Why do Kpop girls choose NewJeans as their band name?

Hee-jin also created EXO, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and f(x). They will debut live in August (rabbit), with a bunny mascot as their mascot. In addition to speaking about the meaning of the group’s name, the creative director Min Hee-jin explained the meaning behind the moniker. In the opinion of the person responsible for forming the upcoming women’s group, popular music is tightly woven into daily life, just as regularly worn apparel is.


The five-member Kpop group New Jeans has just debuted. ‘Attention’ is the pre-debut song by Kpop Girl Group New Jeans, who released it on July 22, 2023.

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