Who is the Hawk Tuah Girl? Viral Internet Meme Sensation Explained

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The Hawk Tuah Girl, also known as the Spit On That Thing Girl or Spit On That Thang Girl, refers to a woman who was interviewed in a viral TikTok video and was asked, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” to which she responded in a Southern accent, “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang,” resembling a spitting sound amid oral sex. Instagram user and YouTubers Tim & Dee TV posted the original video filmed in Nashville, Tennessee. TikToker Dustin Laney (@iamdlaney) reposted the video in mid-June 2024, leading to its virality. The blonde girl seen with her friend was dubbed the “Hawk Tuah Girl” (sometimes written “hock tuh”), leading to memes, fancam edits and humorous romanticization from male internet users who found themselves attracted to her. A green-screen CapCut template also surfaced as an exploitable meme with the Hawk Tuah Girl used by meme creators who added her overtop backgrounds, inserting her into different scenarios. The identity and name of the Hawk Tuah Girl is currently unknown.


The Hawk Tuah Girl who said, “Spit on that thing!” in a southern accent has become TIkTok’s biggest crush.

The viral video was a street interview in which the dude asked, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” The unnamed blonde girl responded with some suggestive spitting onomatopoeia and since then, the search for her “@” has become a manhunt.


The original video was posted as an Instagram Reel by YouTubers Tim & Dee TV. The interview was conducted in Nashville, Tennessee with two women out on the main street who were likely bar hopping or taking a break from the club.

In the video, the interviewer asks her, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” to which she replies, “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang! You get me?” The video racked up more than 8 million views in less than a week.


“Hawk tuah” is onomatopoeia for the sound of spitting. In the context of the “Hawk Tuah Girl” meme, it represents a woman hocking spit while performing under-the-bedsheet activities.

Memes using the spitting sounds “hawk patuh” and “hawk putuh” originally surfaced in 2021. Viral tweets and Facebook posts are a likely source for the Hawk Tuah Girl’s vocabulary.


The Hawk Tuah Girl video is spreading fast because someone made a greenscreen CapCut template with her. Meme creators are adding different backgrounds to the viral clip, using her quote to make jokes about many scenarios.

A lot of the memes and discourse center on male viewers being attracted to the Hawk Tuah Girl. It seems like a combination of her country accent and unabashed sexuality.


As of Monday, the identity of the Hawk Tuah Girl is unknown. The meme only went viral over the weekend so she probably doesn’t know that she’s a celebrity yet. All we know about her is that she was in Nashville, Tennessee on that fateful night.

Some people on TikTok thought that she was TikToker @elayna.robinson but the TikToker denied the rumor in a since-deleted viral video.

So, who is the Hawk Tuah Girl? What does “hawk tuah” mean and where was the original video posted? Let’s explain.

Cash Me Outside, Supa Hot Fire, and more – every once in a while a massive viral sensation just takes over social media and completely floors everyone, and the latest iteration of that is the so-called Hawk Tuah Girl.

Over the past few days, this viral sound, stemming from a video interview has completely taken over the internet and drawn millions of reactions.

So what is the Hawk Tuah? Why has it become such a viral sensation? Let’s find out.

The Hawk Tuah girl meme explained

The Hawk Tuah girl meme exploded on TikTok after an interview carried out by the YouTube channel Tim and Dee TV.

The interview saw a host speaking to two girls and asking them about different bedroom-related topics.

The viral moment of the interview occurred when one of the two ladies being interviewed was asked about something one could do to please a man in the bedroom.

Her reply, which went viral, is what sparked the Hawk Tuah meme.

The interview asked: “What is a move in bed that makes the man go crazy every time,”

The girl replied to the question: “You gotta give them the hawk tuah, sp*t on that thing!”

The hilarious hock and spitting sound she made, coupled with the lady’s southern drawl and her infectious laugh, created a potent stew of adorableness that instantly catapulted the seemingly innocuous video into internet and meme immortality.

The video traveled like wildfire over the social media space, making waves on TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Reddit, and more.

It sparked hilarious reactions and created a completely new meme subculture.

New memes included videos showing cars and engines shined spit clean, accompanied by the distinctive ‘hawk tuah’ sound.

Reactions included: “omg. aliens ain’t never gonna visit us,” wrote Richard Dean Smith on TikTok.

“How can I find this girl ? I have a problem, and I think she can help me ” a user with an incomprehensible user name said.

Kendall Parsons said on Facebook: “We must protect that “hawk tuah” girl at all costs gentlemen,”

One particular mashup on Facebook also showed a husband being asked what they wanted for ‘father’s day’ and replying with the infamous sound.

Many others on TikTok also shared videos claiming they have heard some ladies use the sound to reply to their boyfriends, either as an insult or a naughty way to shut down arguments.

One viral video had the caption: “My co-worker is arguing with his girl and he said she texted him with ‘Hawk Tuuh’… He looks at me and said: “Did this my just spit at me thru the phone?” #Imcrying”

Needless to say, the internet is truly having fun with this new meme.

Ever so often we get a moment such as this which completely sets the internet on fire, something that for whatever reason seems to resonate with so many people and draws instantaneous reactions from all and sundry.

These memes speak to something within the human condition that sometimes we cannot even pinpoint to but the way we react to them is all the confirmation that they really resonate!

That’s all there is to know about the latest sensation in town – enjoy your infamy Ms Hawk Tuah!

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