Comprehensive Tips For Essay Writing: Guide

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Comprehensive tips for Essay Writing: Composing an essay is both a dreadful and an exciting task a student gets during his academic life.

Most writers encounter trouble in composing an article may be because they lack proper direction. They don’t know how to begin or maintain the flow.

An essay is of different categories mainly argumentative, descriptive, and research-based articles. It could be a narrative essay as well. Here you will get the guide to composing a general essay let’s say a descriptive one.  So, without further ado get down to the guide and read on!

Comprehensive Tips For Essay Writing

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Essay Writing Tips: – Before you dip your hands in composing a remarkable essay or plan on shortlisting a perfect topic, to begin with, here is what you have to learn.

The Standard Essay Writing Tips: –

The essay is divided into three parts

  • The Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The introduction is written adding all the appeal to attract the reader. You have to tell the reader what your article will be about. You have to deliver the crunch most precisely.

In the body section, you have to explain the entire research. You have to add your findings to support your point. You can even add reputable facts and statistics.

The last part is about the conclusion, which must be authoritative. You must be able to reach some point with your research and description. Your conclusion must sound conclusive.

Choosing a Topic

The most important part of an essay is its topic. The attention span of online users is shrinking at a rapidly faster rate and that puts immense pressure on writers to compose engaging headers.

You have to follow the basic rule of composing the heading and that is as follows:

  • Add Words to grab attention + Number + the keyword + Solid Commitment
  • For instance:  Top 8 Content Writing Tips to Write Effortlessly

When researching a topic, you have to be true to yourself. You must not put your hands on such a topic that you are uninterested in or it’s about something you know nothing about.

Working on something that you have no clue about requires a lot of time and effort. You first have to understand the topic and then you can plan on organizing and formatting the research. It will double the time needed.

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Carry out Extensive Research

Do you know to carry out the research? Well, there is nothing to shame if you don’t know you must look for a quick solution. The Google algorithms are changing every day and that it making it complex to search a query.

You have to be specific and precise while entering the search queries so that the bots can bring out the results that you want from the pools of suggestions.

It’s best to use keywords to look for a certain piece of information. For instance, if you want to know the content writing guide you must know exactly what kind of type you want.

Let’s say you want to learn about the top trends. So the search query will be “content marketing trends 2019″. By entering it as a search query, you will get a number of reputable articles to seek out a rich reference.

Most importantly, be sure to refer only to legitimate and reliable sites for extracting information.

Craft the Outline

You must have a proper roadmap to follow when writing your essay. You need to draw an outline for your essay. Divide it into small paragraphs and give proper attention to each section.

You must have the proper idea as to how you want to organize your information. Moreover, the purpose of the essay is to give a certain piece of information to the customer.

The way you create a proper reader’s journey is significant. You have to deliver your information making it easier for the reader to understand.

A simple idea about outlining each paragraph of your essay is described below:

Introductory Paragraph:

When working on your introductory paragraph you must use an interesting and captivating writing style. You have to add supportive facts and statistics to grab the attention. Check the tone of your content and follow it properly.


Elaborate on the main idea of your essay. If you are about to discuss a list of aspects, then it is best to cover each aspect in individual paragraphs.

To add richness to your essay it’s important to add relevant examples. By doing so it will become simple to describe your point.

The body is the most significant part of the essay that needs to be composed by backing with solid research. You must know how to write better essays for a certain point and when to do it.

Sometimes writers mention an important subject before preparing the reader to grasp and comprehend it.


To make the conclusion engaging and compelling, you have to make small bullet points and compose them consciously. Add reference stats to support your point. Describe as if why you want to conclude your essay in that way. Be bold and confident in your call.

Remember your conclusion is not a summary? Sometimes writers confuse the conclusion by making the essay long and descriptive enough like a summary.

You have already mentioned the details not at the bottom of your essay you have to highlight the one key point around which you have revolved your entire plot. You have to make your research the prime reason to reach that conclusion.

Once you have composed your conclusion you have to go through your entire article and look for any loopholes.

Format it correctly and improvise it if needed. When working on detailed projects, many writers make some serious writing or grammar mistakes.

You can use professional tools or seek help from a reputable ghostwriter agency to get an error-free essay. Note that when reading the essay do check it is properly synchronized. If at any place you find an issue in the flow, you must sit back to eradicate such a flaw.

Things You Must Consider

Following are small key points that you must go through to make sure you compose an essay successfully.

  • Choose Topics that are simple and easy to cover if you are writing an essay for the first time
  • Gather information from sources that guarantee to deliver trustable information
  • Avoid using jargon or tricky vocabulary
  • Avoid using wrong idioms or irrelevant phrases
  • Avoid using inappropriate language or slang words
  • Always divide your information into short paragraphs
  • Your paragraphs must not have more than 60-70 words
  • Create a proper plot for the essay
  • Add Visuals to support your information
  • Add valuable statistics and facts to support your information

Wrap Up

Essay writing can be fun only if you follow the format properly. You have to take baby steps and gradually expose the bigger secrets to inform the reader. You have to compose an essay according to your targeted group of readers.

If you think that your readers are literate enough, then you must not add basic definition and information you must head towards adding advanced flair into your writing styles. Moreover, read your essay from a reader’s perspective to get a better idea about how it’s going to turn out.

Hope you have got an idea of How to write an essay.

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