What is a VPN And What is Importance of VPN in Online Privacy?

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an incredible tool that is used by various organizations and even companies to protect private data and information on the web. The first work of any VPN is to encrypt the data so that no unauthorized person could track or decode the network.

Initially, VPN was used by only organizations and companies to make their data transmission confidential. However, now individuals are utilizing the advantages of VPN for their private network at home or any personal space.

Importance of VPN in Online Privacy

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The VPN secures the system by providing you with a temporary IP address that no one could track. The permanent IP address from where the network is operating remains untraceable and highly confidential.

Some of the major considerations that one should look for while choosing the VPN are:

AES encryption: It stands for advanced encryption standard which is a federal standard for encryption since 2002. It shows how well your VPN works in jumbling up your content so that no one could sense your data unless he has the authorized encrypted key.

Kill switch feature: For using a VPN, a user needs to sign up for data security but what if the network connection of your VPN fails? In this case, your information will again be tracked by any person. The kill switch feature is the alternative that protects your data even after the VPN connection fails.

Number of connections: While choosing a VPN, just look for the number of simultaneous connections that your VPN allows you to have. It includes all your smartphones, laptops, and PC devices you have at your place.

VPN protocols: there are various protocols that are attached to any VPN server. While selecting your VPN, look for all the set of instructions as each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The next question arises whether to use VPN or not?

If this question strikes in your mind and you are thinking about whether you should opt for using a VPN or not, then the answer is undoubtedly yes.

Numerous strong reasons need to be considered when finding out the answer to this question. Also, if you are new and don’t know how to use it, then you can refer to the VPN beginner’s guide. Some of the main reasons to use a VPN for privacy are:

1) It respects your privacy

When someone is using the internet for any purpose, he/she cannot be sure if the data one is using is spying by any other person or not primarily in the case when using wifi hotspot.

Always consider the fact that the hotspot servers are not protected and secure and have more chances to get tracked by any lousy person. In this case, by using a VPN, one can work online without worrying about hackers as they cannot access the data in any case.

2) A must for smartphones

As we all are aware of the fact that most of the population access the internet facility via their smartphones as they are the most convenient medium when compared to desktops.

Also, with an increase in social media engagement, smartphones have access to all your social platform data such as WhatsApp messages, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, etc.

Therefore, when operating through a WiFi connection, one can easily track your real IP address and can reach your private location.

By using a VPN, you can make your data completely secure as it will give you an anonymous IP address location so that no one can trace your real location.

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3) Personalization is possible!

As we have discussed in the previous point that a VPN gives you a virtual address for operating the network, and it also provides an additional advantage to its users.

One can also set the server location as per his choice provided the server is available in that country. This implies that if one wants to make his position appear from a specified location, he can do it for its VPN.

4) Secures online transactions

It is well known by every one of us that in today’s busy lives, everyone prefers to transact through online mode rather than offline areas. Even the most private sectors i.e., the banking sector prefer to access the online platform.

With this, the security issues increase simultaneously, especially when using a wifi server. In these cases, using a VPN becomes necessary as the information and transactions are of the most sensitive nature.

A VPN secures your work with confidential information at all sites such as emails, net banking sites, and any other website you use.

5) Acts as a proxy server

Your real IP address remains hidden when you use a VPN as it works as a proxy server which means an intermediary between your device and the internet connectivity.

Therefore, if there is any malicious website on which you access, it would only be capable of tracking your virtual ID and not the real one, thereby protecting your personal information adequately.

Moreover, it protects the system from any attack that can be executed by any hacker or unauthorized person. A VPN helps not only the organizations in the corporate world but also the private networks for security purposes.

6) Encrypt your internet traffic

Encrypting your personal data is of utmost importance these days where every other person is connected to each other in one or the other way.

Whether you go for a free or a paid encrypting router, protecting your sensitive information is the primary thing to do. Though there are various other ways that the web has come up over time to protect the personal information on your device.

However, VPN is a comparatively more useful tool that one should undoubtedly have in its personal security considerations.


So, these were some of the advantages that you can get if you use a VPN for making your network secure and protected from any malware and outside attacks. Also, if you choose a decent VPN server, then it also won’t affect your internet connectivity speed. Apart from these there are other reasons that shows the importance of VPN in online privacy.

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