Making an Essay Longer – 10 Legal Writing Tips for Students

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An essay is the most common written assignment a student can get anywhere. One of the most challenging parts in writing an essay is reaching the proper word limit which is not always possible for various reasons. So what to do in making an essay longer?

The essay must not contain any senseless sentences at the same time. In some cases, it is a complicated and time-consuming task to compose a full essay.

Here we present a set of ideas and approaches that can help with enriching a paper with sufficient information. We are not going to discuss the tricks that make a paper seem to be longer. We are here only for word count enrichment.

How To Make An Essay Longer

You can pick the following options to reach the required word count in any given essay anywhere.

Personal Help

One of the best ways to get an essay of needed length written quickly is by contacting a fast essay writing service with a team of academic experts.

The methods work well when there is no time left to finish an essay without assistance. Professional writers have acquired lots of essay writing skills and have completed billions of essays. As a rule, a client gets free plagiarism checks and some proofreading along with missing passages.

Exemplify Your Essay

One of the most common ideas concerns examples. Every essay is a sort of research paper, regardless of the topic and discipline. Almost every essay type implies giving an example to the statement.

If you lack the words, try giving more than one instance in your paper. Make sure that every idea gets its backup. Along with that, be confident to reflect on those examples in the conclusion part.

Provide Alternative Points of View

If your essay concerns a popular or controversial issue, try to sound all opinions that are present in society. Discourse on them, remind all pros and cons, etc.

It will not only make your essay longer but show that you have studied the problem well. Such essay types as argumentative papers demand writing various statements that support or decline a thesis statement.

Clarify Everything

Your essay must be clear to anyone who reads it. Even if you seem to understand it, it does not mean everyone else will. If you use specific terms or phrases, try to give definitions.

When you refer to specific historical events or personalities, provide some description. For instance, “George Washington” or ”Boston Tea Party” will be less productive than “George Washington, the first president of the US” and “Boston Tea Party, a political protest against tax policy” in our case.

Use Citing and Quotation

If you are desperate in finding how to enlarge your essay, apply some quotes and direct citations to increase the number of words. Remember, it is always better to use some short quotes than one long quotation.

Think about what the author meant and how you see it, and you will get a decent number of new words.

Comprehensive Tips for Essay Writing

Reverse Outlining

This trick is useful when you are stuck and do not know how to enrich an essay. It works as it sounds. Analyze your text and squeeze each paragraph into a sentence that describes it.

It will help you not only with guessing what information is missing but with better organization of the text. Probably, after the reverse outlining, you will notice some passages and points that lack clarity.

Structure of an Essay

An essay, like any other academic paper, has its structure. It helps it differ from a simple bunch of words. Each essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure to have them.

Moreover, each paragraph of an essay has a special structure. The first couple of sentences introduces an argument. Then a few sentences with examples and quotes follow. Along with them, an author may sound other opinions.

In the end, some temporary conclusions come. Each paragraph is devoted to a single argument or idea. Watch if your essay follows this structure and make it longer if needed.

Rhetorical Approaches to Making an Essay Longer

The essay may not be a narrative text only. If it is appropriate, conduct a dialog with readers. Ask regular and rhetorical questions. Make them think about something.

Catch their attention and set up their attitude to the particular issue. It will make your essay a little longer. However, the most significant impact is the reader’s involvement and attention to the text.

Use Richer Introduction and Conclusion Parts

One of the biggest problems of the majority of essays is improper conclusions and introductions. These parts are essential. However, a minor number of students know how to write them.

Remember that an introduction must represent a topic, an author’s attitude, an attitude of the society, and, if it is possible, name the methods and reasons to investigate the issue.

The conclusion must coincide with the introduction and give answers to the purposes and demands represented in it.

More Words

If your situation is desperate, try using this trick. Usually, students forget about the words and phrases used to bond the sentences. Such words create smooth, logical transmissions that help a reader follow the narration. Add some words like ‘however’, ‘likewise’, ‘as it follows’, etc. to make an essay a little bit longer.

Abusing these words is not recommended either. Be more descriptive in your sentences. Use full sentences and more complicated phrases.

Here are some ideas about making your essay longer. Keep this article by your hand, and a full, productive, and flawless essay will never be a problem for you.

Final Words

You can use the above tips and tricks in making an Essay longer. You may also add other options to this list by commenting in the section given below.

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