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Essay on Air Pollution:- Earlier we wrote an Essay on Environmental Pollution for you. But we have received a bunch of emails to write an essay on air pollution separately for you. Thus, Today Team GuideToExam will craft a few essay on Air Pollution for you.

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50 Words Essay on Air Pollution in English

(Air Pollution Essay 1)

The contamination of the poisonous gases in the air causes air pollution. Due to the irresponsible behavior of human being the air gets polluted. The emission of smoke from the factories, cars, etc pollutes the air. Due to air pollution, the environment becomes unhealthy to survive. There are other causes like the burning of fossil fuel, deforestation is responsible for air pollution. Air pollution is very harmful to all living organisms in this world.

essay on air pollution

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100 Words Essay on Air Pollution in English

(Air Pollution Essay 2)

The air we breathe in is getting polluted day by day. With the growth of the population, new industries are setting up, the number of vehicles is increasing. These industries, vehicles release toxic gases to the environment and cause air pollution. Again with the growth of population human beings are destroying the environment by burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees. The greenhouse effect is also another cause of air pollution.

Due to air pollution, the Ozone layer is melting and the very poisonous Ultra Violet rays are entering the environment. These UV rays affect humans by causing skin problems and many other diseases. Air pollution can never be stopped but can be controlled. More and more plants need to be planted to control air pollution. People can also use eco-friendly fuels so that the environment can never be harmed.

essay on air pollution

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250 Words Essay on Air Pollution in English

(Air Pollution Essay 3)

Air pollution means the ingress of particulates or biological materials and odor into the atmosphere of the Earth. It causes various diseases or death and can harm living organisms. This hazard can lead to global warming also.
Some major primary pollutants are- Sulphur oxides, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, Toxic metals, such as lead and mercury, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), radioactive pollutants, etc.
Both human and natural actions are responsible for air pollution. Natural actions that cause harm to the environment are volcanic eruptions, pollen dispersal, natural radioactivity, forest fires, etc. Human actions include burning different kinds of fuel for ex- traditional biomass that includes wood, crop waste, and dung, motor vehicles, marine vessels, aircraft, nuclear weapons, toxic gases, germ warfare, and rocketry, etc.

This pollution can lead to atrocious outcomes including respiratory infections, heart disease, and lung cancer. Both indoor and outdoor air pollution have caused approximately 3.3 million deaths worldwide. Acid rain is another parturition of air pollution which destroys trees, crops, farms, animals and water bodies.

During this industrialization era, air pollution cannot be neglected fully, but various steps can be implemented to lessen its effect. By carpooling or using public transportation people can reduce their contribution. Green energy, wind energy, solar energy as well as other renewable energy should be an alternative utilization for all. Recycle and re-use will diminish the protege of producing new things because manufacturing industries create a lot of pollution.

To conclude, it can be said that to prevent air pollution every individual must stop toxic substances. People have to undertake such rules that set stringent regulations on industrial and power supply manufacturing and handling.

Final Words:- These essays on air pollution are only to give you an idea of how to write an essay on this topic. It is a challenging task to cover all the points in a 50 or 100 words essay on a topic like air pollution. But we assure you we will add more essays with these essays from time to time. Stay tuned. CHEERS…

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