Essay on Football: Heroes and World Cup Winners List

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Essay on FootbalEssay on Football:- Football is one of the most popular games throughout the world. Today Team GuideToExam is crafting a few essays on football for the students. At the very outset, we want to make it clear that these essays can also be used to write an article on football or an essay on the need for games and sports.

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50 Words Essay on Football

Football is a popular outdoor game that is played all around the world. A normal football game takes 90 minutes and is divided into two halves. Each half has 45 minutes of time.

A football team consisting of 11 players. This game is very popular as each minute of the game is full of excitement and thrill. The highest authority of world football is FIFA. Playing football makes a man fit and healthy.

100 Words Essay on Football

One of the most popular outdoor games is football. It is a 90 minutes game that is full of excitement and thrill. Spectator gets enjoyment until the last minute of the game.

Football is a game that makes us fit and healthy and it also teaches us the value of teamwork. Without teamwork, a game of football can never be won.

The originality of football can be traced up to the Greek civilization. But the modern game of football originated in England. At present football is played all around the world.

The most prestigious football tournament is FIFA world Club which is held in four years intervals. India has not done so much in football so far. But gradually Indian players are seen upgrading in this game.

200 Words Essay on Football

Football is an outdoor game. This game was first played in England in 1863. In the 21st century, various countries like Germany, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and France played this game.

FIFA (1904) is the highest governing body of Football, which conducted an international competition among the nationalities. It is played on 120 yards long and 80 yards wide fields with a ball made of leather. On each side of the playground, there are two posts twenty meters apart.

There is one goalkeeper on each side and are two backs, three halfbacks, and five forwards on each side. The game is played between two teams comprising eleven players on each side and conducted by a referee. On blowing his whistle the game begins.

Short Essay on Football

Each team tries to pass the ball through the two-goal of the opposite side and the opponent tries to defend. The goalkeeper is in strict vigilance of the goalposts that prevent the ball from getting through the posts.

The team which scores more wins the game. If both teams score an equal number of goals or score no goal during the given time, then it is declared drawn.

The game is generally played for ninety minutes with an interval of five to ten minutes. The parties change sides after the interval. There are some established rules of this game like- no player is allowed to touch the ball with hands or charge one another.

The positive side of this game is that it makes the players strong, active, prompt, and obedient. Football is really one of the thrilling and most exciting games.

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Long Essay on Football

Introduction:- Football is one of the most popular sports that is played in almost every corner of the world. A football team consisting of 11 players plays for 90 minutes for the result. This game is also called soccer.

History of Football:- There is not any proven history of football. But it is said that a game that is very similar to football was played in Greece and some parts of Europe in ancient times.

But modern football is developed or brought up in England. In 1789 the first football club was developed in England. Since the game is gaining popularity day by day. Now football is considered one of the most popular outdoor games in the world.

Rules of Football:- Football is played by following certain rules and regulations. First of all, a football team must consist of a maximum number of 11 players.

There is a goalkeeper who can touch the ball by hand but the other 10 players can only use their feet, head, or chest to move the ball. Generally, a game of football is played for 90 minutes that is divided into two halves, Each half has 45 minutes of time.

But when the score remains the same in the allotted 90 minutes, an extra 30 minutes is added to bring the result out. Thus the game can be stretched to 120 minutes in this case.

Simultaneously when the result remains the same for 120 minutes too, the referee can decide to conduct a penalty shootout. The referee and two linesmen control the game and award free kicks or penalties to the opposite team if any player makes fouls during the game.

Benefits of Playing Football:- Football is a game that is liked by all because it has many benefits. Football is an outdoor sport. Playing football makes a man fit and healthy because when we play football our muscles get strong, it also burns our fats.

Besides football is a sport that teaches us the value of cooperation and teamwork. In the present time, a person can achieve a lot of name and fame by playing football.

Conclusion:- Football is gaining popularity day by day. This game is also popular in India. But still, American and European nations are developed much in this sport in comparison to India.

India has not competed in the FIFA world cup so far but recently a lot of development can be noticed in Indian football.

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Some Popular Football Tournaments Across The World

  • UEFA Champion League
  • EUFA European Championship
  • Copa America
  • FA Cup
  • ASIAN Cup
  • Africa Cup of Nations

FIFA World Cup Winners List

  • URUGUAY in 1930
  • ITALY in 1934
  • ITALY in 1938
  • URUGUAY in 1950
  • WEST GERMANY in 1954
  • BRAZIL in 1958
  • BRAZIL in 1962
  • ENGLAND in 1966
  • BRAZIL in 1970
  • WEST GERMANY in 1974
  • ARGENTINA in 1978
  • ITALY in 1982
  • ARGENTINA in 1986
  • WEST GERMANY in 1990
  • BRAZIL in 1994
  • FRANCE in 1998
  • BRAZIL in 2002
  • ITALY in 2006
  • SPAIN in 2010
  • GERMANY in 2014
  • FRANCE in 2018

Some Football Heroes of All Time

  • PELE

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