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Article on wildlife conservation: – Wildlife is a major part of the ecosystem. The environmental balance can never be maintained without wildlife. This Conservation of wildlife is very much necessary for us. Today Team GuideToExam brings to you a few articles on wildlife conservation.

50 Words Article on Wildlife Conservation

We all know the importance of Wildlife conservation. In order to save the earth, we need to conserve wildlife. Due to deforestation a lot of wild animals lose their natural habitat. Different factors bring a threat to wildlife.

We have wildlife protection laws for the conservation of wildlife. But in order to protect wildlife, we need to change our mentality. Then only all the steps to protect wildlife can be fruitful.

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Dr Jacques Flamand, leader of the WWF Black Rhino Range Expansion Project in South Africa, has just administered an antidote to wake up a black rhino which has been released on to a new home. The project creates new black rhino populations in order to increase growth rate of the critically endangered species. It will take a few minutes for the rhino to be fully awake, by which time Dr Flamand will be out of the way, leaving the animal undisturbed to begin browsing in its new home

100 Words Article on Wildlife Conservation

The collection of flora and fauna that live in the wild is called wildlife. Wildlife is a vital part of the earth. But now a day the wildlife is continuously ruined by the human being and as a result of that, there arise some environmental issues before us.

The destruction of wildlife is mainly caused by deforestation. As a result of deforestation, we not only cause harm to trees but also a lot of wild animals, birds, etc. lose their natural dwelling place. 

Some wild animals are killed for their meat, skin, teeth, etc. Some superstitious beliefs are responsible for that. The government takes various steps to protect wildlife. But still, wildlife is in threat across the globe.

150 Words Article on Wildlife Conservation

The practice of preserving the wild species along with their habitat is known as wildlife conservation. Different wild animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. In order to save them from being extinct, there is a need for wildlife conservation. Lots of causes are identified as a threat to wildlife.

Among them, overexploitation of human beings, poaching, hunting, pollution, etc. are regarded as vital factors. A report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature says that more than 27k wild species are at risk of extinction.

Both national and international government efforts are required to save wildlife. In India, there are wildlife protection laws, but still, it is not working as expected. In order to protect wildlife, we need to protect their habitat first.

Due to the rapid increase in the human population on this earth, wild birds and animals are losing their natural habitat daily. Humans should ponder over this issue and try to save it for future generations.

200 Words Article on Wildlife Conservation

For ecological and natural balance there is a great need for the conservation of wildlife on this Earth. It is said that ‘live and let live. But we, the human being are very selfishly causing harm to the wildlife.

Wildlife refers to non-domesticated animals and birds, plants, and organisms with their habitats. A lot of wild species are on the verge of extinction. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has shown us terrible data recently.

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As per the report of IUCN, approximately 27000 wild species existence is at risk. That means we are going to lose a huge number of animals or plants on this earth in the coming days.

We all know that each and every plant, animal, or organism on this earth plays their role on this earth and thus makes life possible here. Losing them will definitely bring disaster to our earth one day.

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National and International govt. along with different non-govt. organizations are restlessly putting their efforts to conserve wildlife. Some world-famous forests and sanctuaries are reserved and earmarked for the safe habitat of wildlife.

For example, the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, Jim Corbet National Park in UP, Gir National Park in Gujrat, etc. are the areas that are protected by Govt. for the wildlife.

250 Words Article on Wildlife Conservation

The habit or act of protecting non-domesticated animals along with their habitat, plants, or organisms from going extinct from this world is called wildlife conservation. Wildlife is an important part of our ecosystem.

Many animals and plants are vanishing from this world with each passing day. There is an urgent need to save these animals and plants from going extinct.

Different causes or factors are responsible for the extinction of wild animals or plants from this earth. Human activities are considered as the biggest threat to wildlife.

Due to the rapid increase in the human population, people are destroying the forests to construct their homes, vacating areas to set up industries, etc.

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As a result of that many wild animals loss their dwelling place. Again wild animals are hunted for their meat, skin, teeth, horns, etc. For example, the one-horned rhinoceros found in the Kaziranga National Park is hunted for its horn.

Deforestation is another cause that is responsible for the extinction of most wild animals. As a result of deforestation, lots of wild species lose their natural dwelling place and gradually they step on the verge of extinction. Ocean life is in danger due to the excess use of plastic by human beings.

The government always tries to protect wildlife by implementing different wildlife protection laws. Non-Government organizations also take steps to protect wildlife. But all go in vain if people don’t understand the value of wildlife on its own.

Final Words

These articles on wildlife conservation are prepared as model articles for high school level students. One can take hints from these articles on wildlife conservation to prepare a long essay on the conservation of wildlife for competitive-level exams.

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