Essay on My Dream India: A Developed Progressive India

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Written By Queen Kavishana

Every person in the world has a dream about his/her future. Like them, I too have a dream but this is for my country, India. India is a great country that has a rich culture, various caste, and creeds, different religions, and different languages. That is why India is known as “unity in diversity”.

50 Words Essay on My Dream India

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Like all other countrymen, I also personally dream a lot for my beloved county. As a proud Indian, my first dream is to see my country as one of the most developed nations in the world.

A dream of an India where almost every person is employed with zero poverty rate and 100 % literacy rate.

100 Words Essay on My Dream India

India is an ancient country and we Indians are proud of our rich culture and heritage. We also feel proud of our secular democracy and vastness.

My dream India will be like a nation where there will be no corruption at all. I wish my nation to become the world’s biggest economic power with no absolute poverty.

Moreover, I wish my country to play a leading role in establishing peace and technological revolution across the world. But currently, we are not being able to see this happening. We must have to act now if we have to achieve this dream come true.

Long Essay on My Dream India

The India of my dream will be such a country in which women would be safe from any kind of situation whether it is good or bad. There would be no more torture or violence and household domination of women.

Women would walk freely towards their goals. They should be treated equally and could enjoy their concern rights in my future country.

It is good to hear that nowadays, women do not remain busy in their household work. They are stepping out of their houses and starting their own small businesses/job so that they can stand on their own feet.

This is what I am hoping for every woman in my nation. Every woman should change their mindset from their traditional thoughts.

Improving the education system is another important thing that Govt. of India should take the necessary steps. Lots of poor students are deprived every year due to financial problems.

But my dream India will be such a country in which education would be mandatory for all. And there are still some people in my country who do not realize the proper meaning of true education.

People give less importance to their own local language and remain busy speaking only English. They measure knowledge through English speaking. Thus how the local languages are going extinct.

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Due to the extreme corruption and hooliganism of politicians, there is a great number of well-educated people seemed jobless/workless. Most of the meritorious applicants lost their opportunities because of the reservation system.

This is a very hindrance moment. My dream of India will be one in which deserving candidates would get the right job rather than the reserved candidates.

Moreover, there should not be any discrimination on the basis of color, caste, gender, race, status, etc. There should not be any communal fights or language problems.

Corruption is the most common dishonesty or criminal sin that hampers the development of my country. Many Govt. employees and corrupt politicians are busy filling their own bank balance instead of making good attempts to provide a good growth trajectory for the country.

I dream of such an India in which the Govt. officials and employees would be devoted passionately to their work and for the proper growth and development.

In the end, what I can say is that the India of my dream will be a perfect country in which each and every citizen of my country will be equal. Moreover, there should not be any kind of discrimination, and free from corruption.

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