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In a developing country like India empowering women is necessary for the rapid development of the country. Even most of the developed countries are very much concerned about women’s empowerment and so they are seen taking different initiatives for women’s empowerment.

The empowerment of women has become an important topic of discussion in development and economics. So, Team GuideToExam brings to you a number of essays on women empowerment in India that can also be used to prepare an article on women empowerment in India or a speech on women empowerment in India.

100 Words Essay on Women Empowerment in India

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At the outset of the essay, we need to know what women empowerment is or what the definition of women empowerment is. Simply we can say that women empowerment is nothing but empowering women to make them independent socially.

The empowerment of women is very necessary to make the bright future of the family, society, and country. Women need a fresh and more capable environment so that they can make their own right decisions in each area, whether for themselves, their families, society, or the country.

In order to make the country a fully-fledged country, empowerment of women or women empowerment is an essential tool for achieving the development goal.

150 Words Essay on Women Empowerment in India

As per the provisions of the Constitution of India, it is a legal point to grant equality to all citizens. The constitution gives equal rights to women as men. The Department for the Development of Women and Children works well in this field for the adequate development of women and children in India.

Women have been given a higher place in India since ancient times; however, they were not given the empowerment to participate in all areas. They need to be strong, aware and alert every moment for their growth and development.

Empowering women is the main motto of the development department because a mother with power can bring up a powerful baby that makes the bright future of any nation.

There are many formulation strategies and initiation processes initiated by the Government of India for women’s empowerment in India.

Women constitute half the population of the entire population of the country and need to be independent in all areas for the integral development of women and children.

So, empowering women or women empowerment in India is much needed for the all-around development of the country.

250 Words Essay on Women Empowerment in India

 In a democratic country like India, it is very necessary to empower women so that they can take an active part in a democracy like men.

Many programs have been implemented and directed by the government, such as International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc., in order to sensitize society about the true rights and the value of women in the development of the nation.

Women need to progress in a number of spheres. There is a high level of gender inequality in India where women are mistreated by their relatives and strangers. The percentage of the illiterate population in India is mostly covered by women.

The true meaning of women’s empowerment in India is to make them well-educated and leave them free so they can be able to make their own decisions in any field. Women in India are always subjected to honor killings and are never given their basic rights to proper education and freedom.

They are the victims who face violence and abuse in a country dominated by men. According to the National Mission for the Empowerment of Women launched by the Government of India, this step has seen some improvement in empowering women in the 2011 census.

The relationship between women and female literacy has increased. According to the Global Gender Gap Index, India needs to take some advanced steps to empower the position of women in society through appropriate health, higher education, and economic participation.

Women empowerment in India needs to take maximum speed in the right direction instead of being at the nascent stage.

Women empowerment in India or empowering women in India can be possible if the citizen of the country take it as a serious issue and take an oath to make the women of our country as powerful as men.

Long Essay on Women Empowerment in India

Women empowerment is a process of empowering women or making them powerful in society. Women’s empowerment has become a worldwide issue for the last couple of decades.

Various governments and social organizations have started to work for the empowerment of women across the globe. In India, the government has started to take different initiatives for women’s empowerment in India.

Many important government positions are occupied by women and educated women are entering the labor force Professional relationships with profound implications for national and multinational corporations.

Ironically, however, this news is accompanied by news of dowry killings, female infanticide, domestic violence against women, sexual harassment, rape, illegal trafficking, and prostitution, and a myriad of other similar types.

These are a real threat to women’s empowerment in India. Gender discrimination prevails in almost all areas, whether social, cultural, economic, or educational. It is necessary to seek an effective remedy for these evils in order to guarantee the right to equality guaranteed by the Constitution of India, to the fairer sex.

Gender equality facilitates women’s empowerment in India. Since education begins at home, the advancement of women is accompanied by the development of the family, and of society and in turn, will lead to the holistic development of the nation.

Among these problems, the first thing to be addressed is the atrocity committed against women at birth and during childhood. Female infanticide, that is, the murder of a girl, remains a common practice in many rural areas.

Despite the passage of the Prohibition of Sex Selection Act 1994, in some parts of India, female foeticide is common. If they survive, they are discriminated against throughout their lives.

Traditionally, since children are thought to care for their parents during old age and daughters are considered a burden due to dowry and other expenses that have to be incurred during their marriage, girls are neglected in matters of nutrition, education, and other important aspects of well-being.

The sex ratio in our country is very low. Only 933 women per 1000 men according to the 2001 census. The Sex ratio is an important indicator of development.

Developed countries usually have sex above 1000. For example, the United States has a sex ratio of 1029, Japan 1041, and Russia 1140. In India, Kerala is the state with the highest sex ratio of 1058 and Haryana Is one with the lowest value of 861.

During their youth, women face the problem of early marriage and childbirth. They do not take adequate care during pregnancy, leading to many cases of maternal mortality.

The maternal mortality ratio (MMR), ie the number of women dying in childbirth by a lakh person, in India is 437 (as in 1995). In addition, they are subject to harassment by dowry and other forms of domestic violence.

In addition, in the workplace, public places, and elsewhere, acts of violence, exploitation, and discrimination are rampant.

The government has taken various measures to prevent such abuses and to empower women in India. Criminal laws against Sati, dowry, female infanticide and feticide, “mockery of the day”, rape, immoral trafficking, and other crimes related to women have been enacted in addition to civil laws such as the Marriage Act Muslims of 1939, Other Marriage Arrangements.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Act was passed in 2015.

A National Commission for Women (NCW) has been created. Other government measures including reservation of representation and education, the allocation for women’s well-being in the five-year plans, provision of subsidized loans, etc. have been taken for women empowerment in India.

The year 2001 has been declared the “year of empowerment of women” by the Government of India and January 24 is the National Day of the Child.

The Constitutional Amendment Act 108, popularly known as the Women’s Reservation Project which seeks to reserve a third Woman in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies has been a highlight in recent times.

It was “approved” at the Rajya Sabha on March 9, 2010. Although well-intentioned, it may have little or no tangible consequence for the real empowerment of women, as it does not touch upon the core issues that plague them.

The solution must contemplate a double attack, on the one hand, on the tradition that is responsible for assigning the low status to women in society and, on the other hand, the abuses perpetrated against them.

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The bill “Preventing the sexual harassment of Women in the Workplace”, 2010 is a good step in that direction. Mass campaigns should be specially organized in villages in favor of the survival of the girl child and the provision of human rights for her, including education and health.

Empowering women and thus rebuilding society would lead the nation on a path of greater development.

Article on Women Empowerment in India

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Women’s empowerment has turned into a consuming issue everywhere throughout the world including in India for the most recent couple of decades.

Numerous organizations of the United Nations in their reports suggest that women’s empowerment is very necessary for the all-round development of a country.

Though inequality between men and women is an old issue, empowering women is considered a primary issue in the modern world. Thus women empowerment in India has become a contemporary issue to discuss.

What is women empowerment– Women empowerment or empowering women means liberation of women from the horrible grasps of social, practical, political, rank, and gender-oriented discrimination.

It implies giving them the opportunity to make life decisions independently. Empowering women does not signify ‘worshipping ladies’ rather it implies supplanting patriarchy with equality.

Swami Vivekananda cited, “There is no possibility for the welfare of the world unless the state of women is enhanced; It is unrealistic for a flying creature to fly on just a single wing.”

The position of women in India– In order to write a complete essay or article on women empowerment in India we need to discuss the position of women in India.

During the period of Rig Veda, women enjoyed a satisfactory position in India. But gradually it starts to deteriorate. They were not given the right to get an education or to take their own decisions.

In some parts of the country, they were still deprived of the right to inheritance. Many social evils like the dowry system, child marriage; Sati Pratha, etc. were started in society. The status of women in Indian society noticeably deteriorated especially during the Gupta period.

During that period Sati Pratha became very common and people started to support the dowry system. Later during the British rule, a lot of reformation in the Indian society could be seen to empower women.

The efforts of many social reformers like Raja Rammohun Roy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, etc. did a lot to empower women in Indian society. Due to their tireless efforts finally, Sati Pratha was abolished and Widow Remarriage Act was formulated in India.

After independence, the Indian Constitution came into force and it tries to empower women in India by enforcing different laws in order to protect the status of women in the country.

Now women in India can enjoy equal facilities or chances in the fields of sports, politics, economics, trade, commerce, media, etc.

But due to illiteracy, superstition, or long-lasting evil that has crept into the minds of many people, women are still tortured, exploited, or victimized in some parts of the country.

Government Schemes to empower women in India– After the independence, different governments have taken different steps to empower women in India.

Various welfare schemes or policies are introduced from time to time for women’s empowerment in India. Some of those major policies are Swadhar (1995), STEP (Support to training and employment programs for women2003), National Mission for the empowerment of Women (2010), etc.

Some more schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, The Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana, Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme for the children of working mothers are been sponsored by the government to empower women in India.

Challenges to women empowerment in India

On the basis of a biased perspective, women are discriminated against the most in India. A girl child has to face discrimination from its birth. In most parts of India, boys are preferred over girls and thus female infanticide is still practiced in India.

This evil practice is truly a challenge to women’s empowerment in India and is not only found among the illiterates but also among the upper-class literate people.

Indian society is male-dominated and in almost every society males are considered superior to women. In some parts of the country, women are not given the priority to express their views on different social issues.

In those societies, a girl or a woman is put to work at home rather than sending her to school.

The literacy rate of women is very low in those areas. In order to empower women literacy rate women needs to be increased. On the other hand loopholes in the legal structure is a major challenge to women empowerment in India.

A lot of laws have been introduced in the Indian Constitution to protect women against all kinds of exploitation or violence. But in spite of all those laws cases of rape, acid attacks, and dowry demand have been increasing in the country.

It is because of the delay in legal procedures and the presence of lots of loopholes in the legal procedures. Besides all these, several causes like illiteracy, lack of awareness, and superstition have always been a challenge to women’s empowerment in India.

Internet and women empowerment – The Internet has been playing a vital role in empowering women across the globe. The growing access to the web in the late 20th century has enabled women to be trained using various tools on the Internet.

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, women have begun using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for online activism.

Through online activism, women are able to empower themselves by organizing campaigns and expressing their opinions on the right to equality without feeling oppressed by members of society.

For example, on May 29, 2013, an online campaign initiated by 100 women defenders forced the leading social networking website, Facebook, to remove several hate-spreading pages for women.

Recently a girl from Assam (Jorhat district) has taken a bold step by expressing her experience on the street where she has been ill-behaved by some boys.

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She exposed those boys through Facebook and later a lot of people from all over the country come to support her finally those evilly-minded boys were arrested by the police. In recent years, blogs have also become a powerful tool for the educational empowerment of women.

According to a study conducted by the University of California at Los Angeles, medical patients who read and write about their illness are often in a much happier and more informed mood than those who do not.

By reading the experiences of others, patients can better educate themselves and apply strategies that their fellow bloggers suggest. With the easy accessibility and affordability of e-learning, women can now study from the comfort of their homes.

By empowering themselves educationally through new technologies such as e-learning, women are also learning new skills that will be useful in today’s globalized world.

How to Empower Women in India

There is a question in the minds of everyone “How to empower women?” Different ways or steps can be taken for women’s empowerment in India. It is not possible to discuss or point out all the ways in an essay on women empowerment in India. We have picked out a few ways for you in this essay.

Giving land rights to women- Economically women can be empowered by giving land rights. In India basically, land rights are given to men. But if the women get rights to their inherited lands equally like men, they will get some sort of economic independence. Thus it can be said that land rights can play a vital role in empowering women in India.

 Assigning responsibilities to women – Assigning responsibilities to women can be the key way to empower women in India.  The responsibilities that usually belong to men should be assigned to women. Then they will feel equal to men and gain confidence as well. Because women empowerment in India will be possible if the women in the country gain self-esteem and confidence.

Microfinancing- Governments, organizations, and individuals have taken over the attractiveness of microfinance. They hope that the loan of money and credit will allow women to function in business and society, which in turn gives them the power to do more in their communities.

One of the main objectives of the founding of microfinance was the empowerment of women. Low-interest rate loans are given to women in developing communities in the hope that they can start small businesses and provide for their families. But It must be said, however, that the success and efficiency of microcredit and microcredit are controversial and in constant debate.

Conclusion – India is a vast country having the world’s largest democratic government. The government can take bold steps to empower women in India.

The people of the country (especially men) should also give up ancient views on women and try to inspire women to get independence socially, economically, and politically as well.

Besides, it is said that there is a woman behind every successful man. So men should understand the importance of women and assist them in the process of empowering themselves.

Here are a few speeches on women’s empowerment in India. Students can also use it to write short paragraphs on women’s empowerment in India.

Speech on women’s empowerment in India (Speech 1)

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Good morning to all. Today I am standing before you to deliver a speech on women’s empowerment in India. As we know that India is the largest democratic country in the world with almost 1.3 billion population.

In a democratic country ‘equality’ is the first and foremost thing that can make democracy successful. Our constitution also believes in inequality. The constitution of India provides equal rights to men and women.

But in reality, women don’t get much independence due to the dominance of males in Indian society. India is a developing country and the country will not be developed in a proper way if half of the population (women) will not be empowered.

Thus there is a need for women’s empowerment in India. The day when our 1.3 billion people start to work together for the development of the country, we will definitely surpass other developed countries like the U.S.A., Russia, France, etc.

The mother is the primary teacher of the child. A mother gets her child ready to take formal education. A child learns to speak, respond, or acquire basic knowledge of different things from their mother.

Thus mothers of a country need to be empowered so that we can have a powerful youth in the future. In our country, it is very much necessary for men to know the importance of women’s empowerment in India.

They should support the idea of empowering women in the country and they need to encourage women by inspiring them to step forward to learn new things.

So that women can feel independent to work for the development of their families, society, or the country. It is an old idea that women are made only to do household work or they can only take on minor responsibilities in a family. 

It is not possible for a man or a woman to run a family alone. The man and the woman equally contribute or take responsibility in the family for the prosperity of the family.

Men also should assist women in their household work so that women can spare a little time for themselves. I have already told you that there are a lot of laws in India to protect women from violence or exploitation.

But rules can do nothing if we don’t change our mindsets. We the people of our country need to understand why women empowerment in India is necessary, what should we do to empower women in India or how to empower women in India, etc.

We need to change our way of thinking toward women. Freedom is the birthright of women. So they should get full freedom from the males. Not only the men but also the women of the country should change their mindset.

They shouldn’t consider themselves inferior to men. They can acquire physical power by practicing Yoga, martial arts, karate, etc. The government should take more fruitful steps to empower women in India.

Thank You

Speech on women’s empowerment in India (Speech 2)

Good morning everybody. I am here with a speech on women empowerment in India. I have chosen this topic as I think it is a serious matter to discuss.

We all should be concerned about the issue of women empowerment in India. The subject of strengthening women has turned into a consuming issue everywhere throughout the world including in India in the most recent couple of decades.

It is said that the 21st century is the century of women. From ancient times, women have been facing lots of violence or exploitation in our country.

But now everybody can understand that there is a need to empower the women in India. Government and private organizations are taking initiatives to empower women in India. As per the Constitution of India, gender discrimination is a serious offense.

But in our country women don’t get many opportunities or social or economic independence as compared to men. Several causes or factors are responsible for it.

Firstly there is an old belief in the minds of the people that women cannot do all work like men.

Secondly, the lack of education in some parts of the country pushes the women backward as without much formal education they are still unaware of the importance of women empowerment.

Thirdly women themselves consider themselves inferior to men and they themselves step back from the race of getting freedom.

In order to make India a powerful country we cannot leave 50% of our population in the dark. Each and every citizen should take part in the process of development of the country.

Women of the country should be brought forward and should give them the opportunity to use their knowledge for the development of society and the country as well.

Women additionally need to engage themselves by being solid on a basic level and thinking from the mind. The way the ordinary difficulties confront life should likewise address the social and family troubles that confine their empowerment and progression.

They have to figure out how to grasp their existence with each test each day. The poor execution of the empowerment of women in our nation is because of gender inequality.

As per insights, it has been seen that the extent of genders in many parts of the nation has been lessened and has turned out to be just 800 to 850 women for every 1000 men.

As indicated by the World Human Development Report 2013, our nation positions 132 out of 148 nations around the globe by gender inequality record. Thus it is very much necessary to change the data and do our level best to empower women in India.

Thank You.

Speech on Women Empowerment in India (Speech 3)

Good morning to all. Today on this occasion I would like to say a few words on the topic “women empowerment in India”.

In my speech, I would like to throw some light on the real condition of women in our Indian society and the necessity of empowering women in India. Everybody will agree if I say a home is not a complete home without women.

We start our daily routine with the assistance of women. In the morning my grandmother gets me up and my mother serves me food early so that I can go/come to school with a bellyful breakfast.

Similarly, she (my mother) takes the responsibility to serve my father with breakfast before he goes to the office. There is a question in my mind. Why are women only responsible for doing household work?

Why don’t men do the same? Each member of a family should help each other in their work. Cooperation and understanding are very necessary for the prosperity of a family, a society, or for a nation as well. India is a developing country.

The country requires a contribution from all the citizens for swift development. If a part of the citizens (women) don’t get the opportunity to contribute to the nation, then the development of the nation will not be swift.

So there is the importance of empowering the women in India to make India a developed country. Still, in our country, many parents don’t allow or inspire their girls to go for higher studies.

They believe that girls are made only to spend their lives in the kitchen. Those thoughts should be thrown out of the mind. We know that education is the key to success.

If a girl gets educated, he will become confident and there is a chance of getting employed. That will provide her with financial independence which is very important for women empowerment.

There is an issue that works as a threat to women empowerment in India – Underage marriage. In some backward societies, girls are still getting married in their teenage.

As a result of that, they don’t get much time to get an education and they accept slavery at an early age. Parents should encourage a girl to get a formal education.

At last, I must say that women are doing a great job in every field in the country. So we need to believe in their efficiency and should inspire them to go ahead.

Thank You.

This is all about women empowerment in India. We have tried to cover as much as possible in the essay and the speech.  Stay tuned with us for more articles on this topic.

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