One Piece 1099 Spoilers, Leaks & Hints Thread

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One Piece 1099 Spoilers, Leaks & Hints Thread

TSUTOMU VS RUM is probably what we’ll get in the next chapter 1100.

This rules Rumi out as any sort of BO member and Asaka. Cause Asaka wasn’t from any law enforcement agencies (as much we know). Rumi was shielded from a hefty opponent by Tsutomu, where she looked rather beaten up. We all know that Tsutomu got involved in this case after Kohji’s dad handed him the files. So this whole scenario is happening after Kohji’s death. Tsutomu is calling the guy a monster and in singular meaning, that the guy was alone when he attacked Rumi and Tsutomu.

All points to that guy being Rum.

Now there are two very interesting facts

  1. A) Someone triggered Haibara during the camping ground case.
  2. B) Wakita is just a weak ass old man.

Could it be that Kuroda is the real monster and Wakita as they say is just an errand boy?

Asaka wasn’t wearing those clothes. Tsutomu was inducted in the case much later that is after the murder of Kohji. So no, it is not possible for Asaka and Tsutomu to team up inside Juke Hotel to take on Rum.

At max, you can conclude that Rumi and Tsutomu allied after Tsutomu took up the case and clashed with a common antagonist.

In the only picture of Asaka, Asaka is shown to be wearing a white shirt and grey jacket/blazer. Rumi is wearing a grey shirt and black blazer aka the opposite colour combination of Tsutomu. More in line they could be partners in the investigation.

Also, Rumi is more likely the uploader, and the uploader suspects Asaka but keeps mum about the Shogi incident. So it doesn’t seem like Asaka.

You are saying that Tsutomu who was involved in the case after Kohji was murdered was seen with Asaka who wore the same clothing when her picture was snapped before the murder happened.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for him to come into contact with Asaka if he was involving himself in that case, or for her to still be wearing the same bodyguard uniform.

Flash can’t make black appear grey and grey appear white.

Considering grey is just a lighter black and white is just a lighter grey, I’d say yes it can. But if you don’t agree with that, then there’s no point in going any further.

I laughed thinking about how popular Akai Tsutomu is and we can distinctly feel his aura despite the fact that this is the first time we saw him. Previously he only appeared in the background. We thought we finally got to see him in Sister’s birthday party murder case but then it turned out to be Vermouth in disguise. Now in the latest file, he appeared for the first time in flashback and we got to see the real him… for 10 seconds that is!

I bet even Shanks from One Piece can’t rival him lol [ those who know it know it 🙂 ].

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