50, 250 & 400 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

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The experiences we have in life are a mix of positive and bad. Almost everyone has something unforgettable in their lives. There are two types of bad ones: good ones and bad ones. No matter how long we live, this experience will never be forgotten. The event can also change our lives forever. There must be at least one memorable day or event in every person’s life that they can never forget. It is one of the memories I will never be able to forget in my life too.

50 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

 There are some days that remain in our minds forever, whether they are happy or sad. The day I left the city where I was born will always be etched in my memory. A new city was assigned to my father. The day I had to leave my house was a very sad day for me.

Leaving my friends for the last time was a very painful experience. It was very hard to say goodbye to everyone along the way. This was my last time seeing these surroundings, and I felt sad. My lunch was the only thing I ate that day. It was very hard for me to find words to describe how much I cried and begged my parents not to leave. I still feel sad when I remember that day.

250 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

Sunny and hot weather greeted us that day. My mother called me inside to eat something while I was lying on my back in the front yard. I heard my mother gently call out, “Come, take a bite of this sandwich or two,” as she gently beckoned me to take a bite.

In general, I was a bit of an uncontrollable child when I was growing up, or perhaps you could say naughty. My response was to pretend that I wasn’t aware of what she said. She just said: “Okay, then.” as she is a clever mother. You’ll need to buy bread, I think. The way she said it this time wasn’t so gentle. Due to my failure to respond when I was called, I received this punishment.

Thus, I hurriedly went inside. Unfortunately, it was too late. My mother already had the money in her hands. Her grin spread across her face as she said: “Better now than later when you get hungry…” I began to frown, saying: “Hayi, hayi, hayi, mama!” This means: “No, no, no, mama!”.

The wonderful grin on my mother’s face turned into a huge, horrible frown! Her voice was the most horrendous I’ve ever heard. The way she spoke to me sounded like a lion roaring at its prey: “Amanda, don’t test or I will…”.

In fact, I ran out of the door before she could finish her sentence. I was crossing the street in a hurry when a car slammed into me out of nowhere. The driver asked with concern. “Are you all right?” the driver asked concernedly. The car hit me like a bull tackling a matador in a bullfight, and I’m not sure if those were his exact words.

It had taken me a long time to realize what had happened because I had run like a horse all the way home. This incident has never been brought up with my mother. I found it strange that all my mother noticed was that I wasn’t hungry anymore. The only thing she said was: “Did you eat from this bread, little one? It made us both laugh. My memories of this day will last a lifetime.

400 Words Essay on A Day I Will Never Forget In English

It was a happy childhood for me, thanks to my loving parents and the big brown house my parents lived in. A big brown house and two loving parents made me a happy child. I used to spend hours playing hide-and-seek or tagging with my friends in my backyard during the summer. As children, we would pretend to be explorers searching for old treasures or knights battling evil dragons to save princesses.

A brown and white trim was also seen on the house next door. We felt like we were in an enchanted forest with its huge trees shading our backyard. The snow that accumulated at the edge of our yards in the winter would be used to make snowmen. In the end, we made angels by piling all our clothes on top of one another instead of making snowmen out of them.

Laughter echoed off the walls as I ran up and down the stairs. I used to play this game with my sister. Running up and down the stairs was a game we would take turns playing. It was a race between the bottom and top to see who could catch the other. Getting caught meant going up and down again.

During our daily activities, we never paid attention to how much energy we used or how it affected our hearts, lungs, and muscles. It just seemed like fun to us. When he was a boy, my dad used to tell me stories. Sitting there and listening to him tell me stories from his childhood, I would hear stories about my dad as a boy.

Whenever he talked about fishing with his friends, he’d tell me about it. At times, they caught something, but at other times, they had nothing to show for their efforts. Whenever he spoke too much at school, he got into trouble, and if the teacher saw him chewing gum in class, he got into even more trouble.

The stories he told always made me laugh. His life had never been better. One of the most memorable days of my life. His life was at its best during that time. It will always be a memorable day for me. Looking up at him from the front row, I was in the front row. When he said, “This is the best day of my whole life,” he looked directly at me.


A moment cannot be relived in the past. Remembering these days helps us make those moments alive for us and keep them alive in our minds.

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