Essay on My Favorite Food In English And Hindi [Multiple Essays]

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Long Essay on My Favorite Food In English


Food is becoming easier to get to our doorstep as the world advances daily. Delicious cuisine is something we all want every day. Food is available all over the world in wide varieties. Burgers are my personal favorite food. Burgers are definitely my favorite food out of many cuisines. Burgers are my weakness.

Whenever we are in a hurry, hamburgers are one of our favorite foods. No matter what time it is, a burger is delicious at any time of the day. Specialty burgers are popular in many restaurants. Various establishments prepare food differently. Why are burgers so delicious? Although their taste varies, they all have the same construction. Burgers consist of a bun, a ground meat patty, and various toppings, such as lettuce, onion slices, and cheese.

A cheeseburger with vegetables and cheese is my favorite. It tastes better with more vegetables. Lettuce is my favorite. Added freshness and crunch to the burger.

It’s ketchup or no ketchup for me. French fries go perfectly with burgers, which is what I love most about them. My stomach feels full after eating them.

A great variety:

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to burgers. Vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and even vegans will find options here. You can then choose the patties for your burger and dive right in.

Each burger joint has its own specialized and self-curated recipe, and there are a lot of them popping up all over the city. The newly opened burger places also offer diet-friendly burgers. Customers can create their own burgers at a lot of burger cafes by choosing patties, fillings, veggies, sauces, and layers.

The chicken burger is my personal favorite, but cheeseburgers and veggie burgers are also tasty. My favorite burger is all burgers are my go-to order whenever we eat out.


Although I enjoy burgers, I also like pizza and pasta. My favorite thing to eat is homemade food on a daily basis. Energy comes from food. It would get boring eating our favorite food every day, but we enjoy having our staple food every day.

Short Essay on My Favorite Food In English


There are people who prefer sweet food and there are people who prefer savory foods. Pizza, burgers, sushi, and pasta are some of the most popular foods. A favorite food’s flavor is also significant.

Strong tastes are preferred by some, while light and subtle tastes are preferred by others. Also, people can’t decide which cuisine they like the most due to the variety of cuisines. Consider the different components of a particular food when choosing a favorite. Sweet foods are available at the food market. Comparing your favorite food with other foods is also helpful so that you can make comparisons.

I like a bit of everything when it comes to food. No matter how many times I had them, all of them left a taste in my mouth. Here are a few I like:

  • Pizzeria
  • Caramel Ice Cream
  • Stupid dinosaurs
  • A burger
  • Cheese pop
  • Pierolles
  • The cake is red velvet
  • A plate of eggs and toast

Chicken is my absolute favorite food. My favorite! Perfectly moist, soft, and juicy. The cooking aspect is also enjoyable. The different textures and flavors also appeal to me. There are so many flavors you can put into something simple with this versatile ingredient. Spices, herbs, and flavors pair well with them. My body benefits from chicken’s protein content.

Chicken Nutrition and Health Benefits:

There are a number of health benefits to eating chicken and it has a low-calorie count. With all the essential amino acids, it is high in protein. Vitamins and minerals are also beneficial to your body. A healthier alternative to meat is chicken, which has less fat. Chicken is a nutritional powerhouse, so consuming it regularly is crucial for staying healthy and fit.


Besides being healthy, it is delicious and can be prepared in a variety of ways. The nutrients in chicken and tomatoes appeal to me. Humans should eat plants as their primary food source. We need fewer calories now due to our sedentary lifestyle. It’s critical to lead a healthy life

Short Paragraph on My Favorite Food In English

Whether at home or on the road, I love eating fast food, especially burgers. I felt strangely happy when we ate the food immediately after it had come out of the barbecue.

Since I love burgers and pizza, I tried to research why I like this food type more than others.

According to my research, each person’s brain cells perceive senses differently, with genetics playing a role. There is also a large number of people who do not like fast food, even though it is a favorite for many of them.

Other studies on this subject involve the favorite foods of individuals, but I found a study conducted in 2004 to be the most striking. Research conducted at the University of California found that the olfactory reception center is located in genes with a high degree of genetic variation. The fact that people differ in their appetite for specific foods and make them their favorites is due to the homogeneity generated by smell. This homogeneity is translated into the brain.

My favorite food is here, so I’m happy. It greatly impacts my behavior whenever I need it. As soon as I take it, I am relieved of insomnia and stress, feel happy and optimistic, and have a heightened sense of energy.

Long Paragraph on My Favorite Food In English

I cannot say that I am a foodie and I do not run around looking for new food experiences but I do know which foods I love. Since I was young, I have always loved the taste of fish whether fried whole or taken as fillets.

My mother understood my insatiable love for fish and made sure we had fish at least once every week. Back then, I never knew or understood the health benefits fish had but I knew that it tasted delicious. I could have it with rice or just plain and everyone at home respected my choice.

As I grew up and began to learn and slowly comprehend the many benefits fish had, I told myself that I had made the right choice. Today, I can have fish every day. However, just like how I discovered fish, I am in the process of looking for another meal that I can add to my list of favorites. However, I am looking for a combination of vegetables. But back to fish, writing about it actually makes my mouth water but I will try to fight the urge to find some and finish this piece.

Reasons why everyone should eat fish:

Recent discussions regarding vitamin D have been sparked by people’s lack of it. Approximately 41.6% of Americans are insufficient in Vitamin D, according to a study by Forrest and Stuhldreher (2011). According to Leech (2015), fish is the best-known dietary source of Vitamin D. He recommends eating fish such as herring and salmon to obtain the most amount.

There is a growing concern about heart attacks. Heart disease and heart attacks can be prevented or reduced by eating fish. 

Depressive disorders are one of the world’s most prevalent health problems. However, according to Grosso et al. (2014), people who eat fish more regularly, such as me, are less likely to get depression. Pregnant women need omega-3 fatty acids for the development of their nervous system and their fetus’ brain. In order for a child to never suffer from any motor, social, or communication problems, fish seems to be essential for their development. A delay in brain development will not be evident either.


My favorite food is fish, and I have no regrets about it. Now that I know so much about fish, I can start advising people about its benefits. However, if you have ever come across any study that asks you to eat more fish, do so because it is often true.

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