An Essay on My Favourite Teacher

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Teachers play an important role in every aspect of our life from the beginning. To become successful in a career and business help of a good teacher is the most important thing.

They also motivate their students to become good human beings in society. Here, Team GuideToExam has prepared some essays on “My Favourite Teacher”.

Very Short (50 Words) Essay on My Favourite Teacher

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Teachers are said to be the real guide for us. They guide us and show us the correct path in life. I admire all my teachers but among all my favourite teacher is my mother.

My mother was my first teacher who taught me the alphabet in the early stage of my life. Now I can write anything, but it would not have been possible if my mother didn’t work hard in the early stage of my life. Thus I consider my mother as my favourite Teacher.

100 Words Essay on My Favourite Teacher

Teachers are the one who plays a significant role in our life. They sacrifice a lot in order to shape our carrier and lead us through the proper path in life.

From my childhood, I have met many teachers who have lit up my life with their knowledge. Among them, my favourite Teacher is my mother.

My mother has not only taught me the ABCD or cardinals but also taught me how to behave, and how to live in this world. Now I have acquired a lot of formal education, but I have earned a lot of knowledge from my mother since my childhood.

I can now learn anything from this world by reading books or studying in college or university, but it was really a tough task to put bricks in the foundation of my life. My mother has done it for me and shaped my life.. So my mother is always my favourite Teacher.

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200 Words Essay on My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is the one who imparts knowledge to students about various subjects. A teacher also teaches us how to be a good person. He also guides us like our parents.

I love all my teachers but among them, my favourite teacher is my mother. She had first taught me how to speak. She had also taught me how to respect the elder people and how to love the small ones.

She was the first teacher who taught me to hold a pencil and write. She is the one who told me about the value of time and guided me to become a punctual student. She also taught me the importance of discipline in our lives.

She is a perfect and ideal teacher for me.

Teachers are an important part of our life as they bestow our knowledge and guide us to be perfect person in our lives. They are our third parents.

So we should always respect them and love them as we respect and love our parents.

Someone has really said the truth that teachers are the seeds who gain knowledge and after becoming a big plant bestow knowledge to students for their successful future.

Long Essay on My Favourite Teacher

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of Chalk and Challenges” – Joyce Meyer

In my long educational journey, I have met many Teachers from my pre-primary school to now. All the teachers I have met in my journey made a great impact on my academic and social growth.

Among them, Mr. Alex Brain was my favourite Teacher. He taught us General Mathematics when I was in class in IX. I didn’t like the subject of Mathematics at that time.

From the first day of his class till the end of that academic year, I think I have hardly missed 6 to 7 classes only. He was so outstanding in his teaching method that he made those boring Mathematics to interesting for me, and now, Mathematics is my favourite subject.

In his class, I never left the classroom with doubts. He makes every student in the class understand the topic on his very first attempt.

In addition to his amazing teaching methods, he taught us different life lessons. The beauty of his teaching method was he was a master in showing the students where to look to solve a problem.

He inspired us a lot with his positive quotes which makes him my favourite teacher of all time. Some of his favourite quotations are –

“Always be polite to everyone and you can win people easily by doing so.”

“Not everyone is lucky enough to get admission into the best colleges in India but everybody is lucky enough to give it a try”

Life is not fair to anyone and can never be. So never make anything your weakness.”

Final Words

These essays on my favourite Teacher will give you an idea of how to write an essay on the subject. Moreover, each essay on my favourite Teacher is crafted differently so that it can help the students of different standards.

One can also prepare an article on my favourite Teacher or a speech on my favourite Teacher by taking help from these essays. A long essay on my favourite Teacher will be added soon with the post.


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