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Gurus were called teachers in ancient times. A Guru is a person who enlightens the lives of thousands of students. A Guru is literally a being who dispels darkness in Sanskrit. Thus, the Guru is held in high regard in Indian tradition.

 Students look up to teachers as Gurus because they pass on knowledge and power. Learning becomes enjoyable and successful with the guidance of a teacher. The following essay is written in English in honor of Teachers Day. By writing an essay on Teachers’ Day, students will gain an understanding of why we celebrate Teachers’ Day and learn how teachers impact the lives of students.

150 Words Essay on Teachers Day

The “Essay on my favorite teacher” given here can be useful for you if you want to write or speak about your favorite teacher on Teacher’s Day. Students, children, and kids can write essays about their favorite teachers in English.

It is Mr. Virat Sharma who teaches us math and is my favorite teacher. His strictness and patience make him a very effective teacher. His teaching style is appealing to me. Understanding the concepts is made easier by his explanations.

We are also encouraged to ask questions when we have doubts. He is disciplined and punchlike in nature. He ensures that our homework and projects are completed on time. We can count on him for guidance during interschool math exhibition programs and other school activities. A student who gets good grades in their subject will never be forgotten by him.

In addition to teaching school subjects, he emphasizes character development and good morals. I am incredibly motivated to do well in my studies because he is such an excellent teacher.

200 Words Essay on Teachers Day

On 5th September, India celebrates Teachers’ Day in celebration of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary. An accomplished philosopher and teacher, he held positions of prominence in several prestigious Indian universities and other universities around the world. In addition to being the first Vice President and second President of India, he also served as the first Vice President of Canada.

Every school in India celebrates Teachers’ Day as a holiday. Colleges may also call it a day off at their discretion, though it is widely celebrated in colleges as well.

Several events are organized by students in honor of teachers in schools. To show their love and respect for their teachers, students give flowers and other gifts.

This day is also celebrated by a number of regional and national political parties since it is the day of the birthday of the First Vice President of India and the second President of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan is honored by senior political leaders.

During his tenure as a faculty member, he participated in major events at universities. Radhakrishnan and his definition of ideal teacher-student relationships are discussed in special sessions between teachers and students.

The Indian public observes Teachers’ Day with a great deal of love and respect for their teachers. It is a country where teachers are revered and even held in high regard by God. It is a matter of cultural and spiritual significance as well as a formality to celebrate teachers’ day in a society that reveres its teachers.

250 Words Essay on Teachers Day

The teachers who devote so much time to teaching us so much are celebrated on Teachers’ Day every year. The headmaster delivered a speech at the school assembly to begin Teachers’ Day this year. Then, we went to our classes to enjoy ourselves rather than have lessons.

The teachers who taught us were honored with a small party by my classmates. The cakes, drinks, and other tidbits were purchased with money contributed by each of us. Our chairs and desks were arranged in such a way that empty space in the middle of the room was surrounded by them.

The teachers ate, drank, and played games together. There were a lot of very sporty teachers, and we had a great time. There was a huge difference between having lessons and this.

It was not the only class that held a party. This required the teachers to move between classes and take part in the fun. These teachers must have been quite tired, but they managed to do it. The day was all about having fun and enjoying themselves.

Teachers were even treated to a short play by one class. As I was cleaning up after the party, I was unable to watch it.

As a whole, the day was a great success. Giety permeated the entire school. I felt a little sad when the dismissal bell rang for school to end, but it had to end. By the end of the day, we were tired but happy, and we went home.

500 Words Essay on Teachers Day

On different dates around the world, teachers’ day is celebrated to honor their contributions as the backbone of society. Teachers are honored on this day for their contribution to community development. Teachers’ Day is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century.

Since the 19th century, teachers have been celebrated on Teachers’ Day as a way to recognize their contributions to society. It was intended to recognize teachers who have made significant contributions to a particular field or helped educate the community as a whole.

Countries around the world began observing Teachers’ Day on a date of local significance, which commemorated an educator or a milestone achieved in the field of education.

A South American country such as Argentina celebrates Teachers’ Day every year on the 11th of September in honor of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, who served as Argentina’s seventh President and was also a statesman and writer. Journalists, historians, philosophers, and other genres are among the many books he wrote.

Likewise, Bhutan celebrates Teachers’ Day on the anniversary of Jigme Dorji Wangchuck’s birth, who established modern education there.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on 5th September, a day of commemoration of the birth anniversary of the second President and first Vice President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Since 1994, the day has been celebrated by many countries around the world as World Teachers’ Day as well as International Teachers’ Day.

A commemoration of the 1966 signing of recommendations on the status of teachers by UNESCO and the ILO (International Labor Organization) is observed on this day. In these recommendations, teachers from all over the world are asked to share their concerns and status.

Knowledge is spread and society is built by teachers. Other people are excellent teachers and are adored by their students for their work in a particular field or subject.

The development of a particular subject has been greatly influenced by teachers. In the 19th century, Friedrich Froebel introduced kindergarten, introducing a number of educational reforms.

Anne Sullivan, a teacher by profession from America, was another inspirational teacher. Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts while being taught by her.

It is these heroes of society, like Friedrich Froebel, Anne Sullivan, and others like them, that we honor and commemorate by celebrating Teachers’ Day.

As well as honoring teachers, Teachers’ Day also inspires them to work harder for the betterment of students and society. On this day, we recognize the contributions that teachers make to building our careers, shaping our personalities, as well as advancing society and nation.

Teachers’ concerns and problems are also addressed on the day. Leaders and administrators are called upon to address these issues facing teachers so that they may continue to serve society with the same dedication they’ve shown for centuries.


Any country’s development depends on teachers. Thus, it is crucial to designate a day for teachers to be recognized. To honor teachers and their contributions to our lives, we celebrate Teachers’ Day. In the upbringing of children, teachers undertake an immense amount of responsibility, so celebrating teachers’ day is a positive step towards recognizing the role they play in society.

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