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Short Essay on War in English


The term war refers to conflicts between groups. Weapons and force are used by these groups. Internal conflicts are not wars. Outside forces can intervene if rebel groups are fighting each other. War is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a state of armed conflict between nations or states” and “a struggle for superiority, supremacy, or preeminence.”

War can be fought in a variety of ways, ranging from small-scale disputes to full-blown conflicts. Forms of war include:

Two or more countries fight in international wars. In 2003, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other coalition nations fought against Saddam Hussein’s regime in the War in Iraq.

Conflicts between groups of people within one country are called civil wars. Under certain circumstances, outside nations can still become involved in gaining control of the entire nation. A major civil war in recent years has been the Syrian Civil War, which started in 2011 and lasted for over six years.

A proxy war is a war fought between two or more nations but without direct combat. They use proxies instead of fighting their own battles. The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was an example of a proxy war, during which both superpowers funded their own allies.

War has also taken many forms throughout history, each with its own set of causes and consequences. It is clear that war has a tremendous cost, both in terms of human lives lost and economic damage.

Making a peaceful environment around us is the best way to stop the war. We can live happily without worrying about war and fighting among us. Thousands of people die and their property is destroyed in the war. All the people around us should develop a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, which helps to reduce war.


The most important thing is to create a peaceful environment that reduces war and fosters brotherhood and sisterhood. This may result in the loss of both people and the world. In order to live a peaceful and happy life, we should stop the war and urge everyone to do the same.

 Long Paragraph on War In English


Without a doubt, war is humanity’s worst experience. As a result of destroyed cities and dead humans, it has created new nations. Even if it’s short and swift, it involves mass killing. Despite not even being a war, Kargil has opened our eyes to the sordid nature of military action.

The World Wars were brutal wars that resulted in the mass extermination of races and intolerable atrocities on innocent civilians. It’s victory or defeat that counts, not rules. Computerized weapons have increased our power of destruction by a million-fold in the 21st Century.

No deterrent has been able to quell human conflict despite the total transformation of weapons and tactics. Though it looks different, it has managed to quell the conflict. The war mongers may think it is totally different, but the common man sees death and destruction. Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Iraq, and Afghanistan have all been ravaged by war since 1945. We have more options in the new millennium, but our major flaw remains the fear of others, our primitive human failing.

It is about dominating the region or world, proving superiority, hegemony, and economic survival that wars are fought. It may be temporary that the recent wars are meant to preserve the effectiveness of democracy.

According to US military historian and analyst Colonel Macgregor: “We didn’t fight Hitler because he was a Nazi or Stalin because he was a communist.” Likewise, the US ambassador to NATO stated, “Our shared values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights are as valuable as our territory”.

There is no doubt that vital interests are of primary importance in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite terrorism and human suffering, NATO has kept much from Kashmir, Africa, Chechenay, and Algeria. Our expectations for intervention in cases of human rights violations are raised by Bosnia, Kosovo, and East Timor.

Hand-held missiles that can bring down aircraft have drastically changed the situation today. Somalia and Afghanistan both faced such situations. In 1993, newly developed weapons fell into the hands of mercenaries and militias.

A superpower campaign in Somalia was wrecked by ragtag, underfed, ill-dressed militia. By intervening, the civil war in Somalia was further intensified. In 1998, NATO and other superpowers including France sat back and did nothing about the bloodshed in Algeria.

A human crisis created by Serbia also showed that NATO’s forces could not solve the problem; Serbia had to find its own solution. Although NATO powers carpet bombed and unleashed their might in Yugoslavia and Iraq, they couldn’t subdue the rulers.

These results show that self-imposed political limitations on the use of force can lead to unresolved problems. With smaller states like North Korea and Pakistan acquiring nuclear weapons, the future holds more terror. Lybia under Colonel Gaddafi sought this technology at any price, and Islamic militants will soon be able to assemble a makeshift weapon. It will be paradoxical to see small adversaries wielding atomic explosion-capable weapons and chemical warfare against major powers.

This was the situation in Kargil, when 1,000 Pakistani militia, mercenaries, and terrorists were entrenched. Ultimately, after 50 days of all-out effort, 407 died, 584 were wounded, and six were missing. We succeeded in recapturing the god-forbidden heights after making substantial use of the Air Force.

200 Word Essay on War In English


 Civilization is a way of life that restrains the wilder passions of humanity and cultivates and allows nobler instincts to prevail. In other words, civilization is a state in which the highest ideals of human society are realized, giving goodbye to jungle laws.

The thoughts and actions of man reflect all things naturally and spontaneously. A civilization like Greece and Rome is admired not for its wars but for its literature, art, architecture, and philosophies.

In times of peace, man has achieved his highest civilization, according to history. Military success in ancient times only displayed the greatness of the human mind. War costs are high. There has been a waste of men, money, and material.

It is common for warlords to argue that war can re-establish moral values. The powder cart argument argues that war is unavoidable. Compare the achievements of the peach premise paths in ancient Greece with the schools and universities in the modern world. War is necessary for the development of many virtues, according to some thinkers.

Civilization results in peace. Civilization depends on peace, so disturbance destroys it. The first reason is that war makes a man less than human due to his brutal passions. Civilization implies a high standard of social behavior that encourages finer sentiments; jet Loro Sebi implies organized butchery of young men at the doorstep of life.

A destructive science: War is a science of destruction. These are certainly not favored. As a result, men become cruel, greedy, and selfish. The more wars we have, the more destruction we have. Now, even areas inhabited by civil populations are destroyed by war.

From the air, heavy bombing destroys cities, corn fields, bridges, and factories. As a consequence, the progress of years is reversed and man must rebuild what he has spent so much effort and money on.


As a result, people have few hours left to devote to art and architecture during the modern war. All the time thinking

Long Essay on War In English


Humanity’s greatest disaster, war, is evil. In its wake are death and destruction, disease and starvation, poverty, and ruin.

War can be estimated by considering the havoc that was wreaked in various countries not many years ago. Modern wars are particularly disturbing because they can engulf the entire globe.

However, war is still a terrible, dreadful calamity, despite the fact that many regard it as something noble and heroic.

The atomic bomb will now be used in war. Wars are necessary, say some. War has recurred in the history of nations throughout history.

War has devastated the world at no time in history. Long and short wars have been fought. Thus, making plans for eternal peace or establishing permanent peace seems futile.

The theory of brotherhood of man and nonviolence has been advocated. Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, and Christ. The use of arms, military force, and clashes of arms have always occurred in spite of that; war has always been fought.

Throughout history, war has been a constant feature of every age and period. Molise, the famous German field marshal, declared war to be part of God’s world order in his famous book, The Prince. Machiavelli defined peace as an interval between two wars.

It has been dreamed poets and prophets that a millennium will bring peace and a world without war. But these dreams haven’t come true. As a safeguard against war, an institution called the League of Nations was founded after the Great War of 1914-18.

Nevertheless, another war (1939-45) concluded that thinking of unbroken peace is unrealistic and that no institution or assembly can guarantee its permanence.

Hitler’s tensions and stresses caused the League of Nations to collapse. Despite its good work, the United Nations Organization has not proven as effective as anticipated.

There have been many wars fought despite the UN, including the Vietnam War, Indochina War, the Iran-Iraq war, and Arab Israel war. Humans fight naturally as a way of defending themselves.

When individuals cannot live always in peace, it is, indeed, too much to expect so many nations to live in a state of Eternal peace. Furthermore, there will always be wide differences of opinion between nations, different ways of looking at international issues, and radical differences in policy and ideology. These cannot be settled by mere discussions.

As a result, war is necessary. The spread of Communism in Russia, for instance, caused distrust and suspicion in Europe before World War II. Democracy was an eyesore to Nazi Germany, and British Conservatives feared a Communist takeover.


Peace cannot be maintained when one country’s political ideology is abhorrent to another’s. There are also traditional enmities between nations and international disharmony that are rooted in the past.

350 Word Essay on War In English


The result is war. This patient earth has at times been shattered by man. He tainted his hands with the sacred blood of his own brethren and threw his palaces into dust. It is sometimes as if he plays with life as if it were a trifle. Peace-loving people do not want war, they want peace and happiness.

A thirst for peace is natural in man. Peace is his belief. Why do wars happen? Ancient man may have acquired some beastliness from dealing with wild animals and natural calamities. It’s possible some people are born beasts.

They hide their true nature under etiquette and modesty in modern education, but sometimes their true nature shows through. We see the intransigent primitive beast in him. Destroying games is always popular with them. As a result of their desires and thoughts, war is inevitable.

Europe’s industrial revolution could have created a paradise for the world. However, much to the surprise of many people, after being fomented by a few greedy people, some countries of Europe spread across the globe using the power that they gained during the revolution.

The result of war is destruction, carnage, and backward movement. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki thrills people. A cruel injustice occurred when thousands of innocent children, women, and men died in the free atmosphere of nature. As a result, war is cursed.

The legends and myths of Lanka, Troy, and Karbala describe devastating battles. There has never been any benefit to any human being, tribe, or nation from these wars. There is no doubt that it is destructive.

In this age, where are we going? Are there any golden elk to be hunted? We have little hope for the developed countries. Arms competition tickles. The savage fangs of doubt and disbelief flash under fake fraternity and courtesy.

It might be appropriate to make the same remarks about UNO today, at least in part.

Happiness and peace go hand in hand. Perhaps that is why they are in short supply today. Many people here are greedy, egoistic, or self-centered, particularly those who lead.

They each have different purposes, aims, and methods. Everyone-world peace would actually bring peace if there was only one main goal. Regardless of differences between systems or philosophical beliefs, we can all easily disregard them for a more peaceful world.

Tolerance and nonproliferation must be ensured. Now is the time for the UN to show more strength and liberality. Thousands of years have gone into building our civilization. Because we are angry, we must not damage it, or let anyone damage it. “We must love one another or die.”

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