My Hobby Essay Quotations For Students

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My Hobby Essay Quotations

Pastime or hobby is an activity adapted for spare or leisure time. It pursues relaxation and pleasure. It is not the main occupation of a man. It brings joy and satisfaction to a man. Hobby helps us pass our free time happily. The mind of a man is like a devil’s workshop when he has nothing to do.

He might think negatively but his hobby saves him from evil thinking and doing. It adds joy to his dull life. Our hobbies enhance our creativity, refresh our minds, and help us develop our skills. They are a source of recreation and entertainment for retired people.

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Hobby also provides information and helps us solve problems. If we have no hobby we cannot have a happy life because it keeps a person active, busy, and smart. If a person is always doing his professional work, he becomes a machine. It has been rightly said:

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

There are many hobbies like gardening, book reading, stamp collecting, coin collecting, bird watching, painting drawing, fishing, swimming, and photography, etc. My favorite hobby is book reading. It is my opinion that this is the most enjoyable hobby in the world.

It provides information, and relaxation, and helps us pass our spare time joyfully. A person who adopts this hobby does not need friends because books are our best friends. I have had this hobby since childhood. In my early years, I loved reading colorful storybooks. I had an extensive collection of storybooks from that time.

‘Laws die, but books never’

With time, I stopped reading those books. Now I read all kinds of books, including historical, Islamic, science fiction, and technology books.  I also like novels, plays, and religious books. Poetry books are my favorites. Travel books transport us to distant worlds. I have many books on all topics. Literary books entertain, inform, and guide us. Urdu literature is my craze. It amuses me a lot.

‘A book is a gift you can open again and again’

I like all my books. Whenever I am alone or have nothing to do, I take out a book and read it. In this way, my spare time passes joyfully. This makes me happy and active and fresh. Our lives are more enjoyable when we have hobbies.

‘We lose ourselves in books and find ourselves there too’.

My Hobby Essay Quotations

  • I did it for a living and made a career out of it, but now I’ve turned it into somewhat of a hobby. Dick Trickle
  • We’ve been doing this for 10 years and it’s been a hobby for a lot longer than it’s been a job. John Campbell
  • I always treated writing as a profession, never as a hobby. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Laurell K Hamilton
  • I didn’t get into this to pick up a new hobby. I don’t want to just be a golfer. I want to be the best. Gabrielle Reece
  • The sunshine cake is just a fun hobby thing. That’s about it. Krist Novoselic
  • It feels important to go to school; not necessarily to further my education, but more like a hobby. Mandy Moore
  • Working out is my biggest hobby. It’s my Zen hour. I just zoned out. Zac Efron
  • Preserving tradition has become a nice hobby like stamp collecting. Mason Cooley
  • My singing is my hobby. It’s me and my brother. We just enjoy writing music. Taryn Manning
  • I am a very lucky man. I am living my life with my hobby as my profession. Jim Sullivan
  • My inarticulate store-bought hangover hobby kit from Taking Back Sunday
  • Music is a hobby because I’m not making any money out of it, but I put just as much conviction into that as I do into my acting. River Phoenix
  • I’ve been a writer for 42 years and, yes, it is a full-time job for me. Not a hobby, but serious work. Donald McKay
  • While I was doing these plays at the beginning, I wasn’t getting paid. I thought of it more as a hobby. Then I realized how seriously a lot of these people took what they were doing. Tom Berenger
  • Hobbies of any kind are boring except for people who have the same hobby. This is also true of religion, although you will not find me saying so in print. Dave Barry
  • I throw a hoe a Massi I don’t give a shit about it. Party with me. I collect the hottest bodies as a hobby. TI
  • I can play piano by ear, and some guitar. But I haven’t mastered either instrument. I do it for fun and as a hobby. Ashley Tisdale
  • But, of course, one relies on the everyday people who just simply like your music, for whom you may not be a hobby but enjoy being in your presence at a concert. Cliff Richard

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